Cold plants

Inclement Weather Holds

Weather-Related Shipping Holds

At PlantVine, it is our mission to deliver your plants in the best possible condition. If inclement weather is forecast in the delivery region or through expected transit routes, your order may be temporarily placed on hold to avoid the conditions that may harm your plant. This may include prolonged exposure to temperatures below 40 degrees, or above 100 degrees, or due to a weather phenomenon that might delay the shipping process.

After each order is placed, our shipping department automatically checks for these conditions. Once these conditions are clear and it is safe for the plant to leave the controlled confines of our nursery, the order will be taken off hold and shipped. You will be notified of every stage of this process by email.

Orders with 2-day Express Shipping

Orders with 2-day shipping can safely ship during extreme weather. Select 2-day shipping during checkout to get your order sooner.

Click here to see our selection of plants that are available with 2-day shipping.

We appreciate your understanding. We just want the best for our customers and your new plants.

If you have any questions regarding your order, including alternate shipping options, please contact us here.