Spring is right around the corner – which happily means more color for our gardens!

This is an exciting time of year for plant enthusiasts. In our minds and hearts, we envision blooming flowers basking in those welcome warmer temperatures. So, even though it may still be a bit chilly, this is the perfect time to start working on your existing garden, or to begin a new one.

You’ll find a fabulous selection of spring plants located at the “Shop Plants” section of our website. Click through and prepare to be entranced. Our PlantVine experts have selected lovely picks to add glorious color to your garden.

One of our most popular Spring picks is the Mandevilla. It’s so simple, but a true show stopper available in a great array of colors. For those who wish to “boldly go,” consider the reds and pinks. If you’re thinking something a bit more subtle, look to the white, appropriately titled the “Mandevilla Bride’s Cascade.”

Another choice for a pure pop of color is the Bougainvillea, available in your choice of a tree or bush – and in a rainbow of vibrant hues: purple or pinkBy adding these plants or others on our website’s Spring Plant Picks, you’ll be adding that perfect punch of color wherever you place them.

Happy Planning and Happy Planting!

Our Top Flowering Picks

Whether March comes in like a Lion or a Lamb, when the month finally arrives, we all begin to look forward to Spring and the lovely flowers those warmer temperatures bring.

Let’s focus here on Pollinators: those insects, (like bees and butterflies), birds and critters so important to helping your garden grow. Pollinators move pollen from the male part of the plant to its female part. In doing so, they make growth possible.

The Lantana, Hibiscus and Anthurium are show stoppers that add beautiful color to your garden while attracting those crucial pollinators.Choose the Lantana in white, purple, yellow, or even confetti (a blast of different colors together). Though the Hibiscus is one of the most common tropical flowers, that doesn’t stop it from being one of our most popular plants. And – so many colors to choose from! Lastly, the Anthurium can be a dramatic addition to your garden in a choice of vibrant shades.

These amazing plants are guaranteed to bring the color you’re looking for in your outdoor scapes, and those all-important pollinators so necessary to a flourishing garden. Happy March!

Add a POP of color to your garden

Those of us with hope in hearts know that Spring is on its way.

This year, why not plan for some very welcome visitors in your garden? Let’s spend a moment familiarizing ourselves with several plants sure to attract butterflies and bees.

Milkweed has traditionally been one of our most popular butterfly plants.

Our Butterfly Flower Milkweed (Asclepias spp) and our Giant Milkweed (Calotropis Gigantea ) are perfect choices. Milkweed grows five nectar cups with incurved horns around the petals. This allows butterflies or caterpillars to move easily from one leaf to the next, collecting fallen pollen from the plant’s horns. Milkweed is also where Monarch butterflies prefer to lay their eggs.

In the last several years, those of us who love gardening have seen an alarming downward trend in the bee population. That’s why committed gardeners and environmentalists are paying more attention to attracting bees, by planting their favorite flowers and plants. As we all know, bees are one of the most important pollinating insects – so central to our gardens’ well being. This year, let’s plan to make our outdoor spaces more welcoming to these crucial critters.

Happy Planting!

Popular Plants for Spring: