At last, the long, hot summer is behind us. We welcome the cooler temperatures of fall, while we begin to contemplate upcoming holiday festivities.

It’s a great time to think about ways to incorporate some cozy fall colors into your home. We’re here to help! Our new collection of hardy houseplants will add that special splash of fall hues: the rich reds, plums, purples and deep greens that signal autumn’s arrival.

Cordyline Fruticosa ‘Red Sister’-

Cordyline Fruticosa ‘Red Sister,’ Ti Plant

With its dark purple leaves accented in pink, this Ti Plant makes a glorious addition to your harvest home. It can provide a strong contrast to a darker wall, while conjuring up a bit of the tropics. Easy care, they prefer bright, direct light and medium amounts of water. See more >>


Codiaeum Variegatum ‘Fantasy’, Croton

Colorful multi-hued foliage makes the Croton a popular choice this season. If you’re having guests over, imagine the Croton’s dark colors as an exquisite and unexpected centerpiece on an autumn dinner table. Make sure to water regularly, and to place the plant in a spot where it will receive bright light. See more >>


Calathea ornata, Pinstripe Prayer Plant

With several varieties to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect Calathea in warm autumn shades. From the spotted foliage of the Rattlesnake to the dark elegance of the Medallion, these low maintenance beauties are known for their colorful inflorescences.  They thrive in direct light and soil that’s kept moist. See more >>


Aechmea ‘Burning Bush’, Bromeliad

The bold flowers of the Bromeliads bloom in vibrant shades of orange and purple. Indoors, they work as effective air purifiers. Hardy and handsome, they’ll thrive with minimal care and water. See more >>

Mexican Fan Palm-

Washingtonia robusta, Mexican Fan Palm

The best palm for fall! This cold hardy palm can weather the cooler temps on your patio. Its unique fan-like fronds add fabulous texture to any room or porch. See more >>

Snake Plants-

Sansevieria zeylanica, Snake Plant

No matter what time of year, the Snake Plant is always a smart choice. They earn the title of “The Perfect Houseplant” each and every day. They work tirelessly to purify the air; you can neglect them for a bit; and they always look fresh. Place them in any empty corner, and they’ll make that space look complete. We love AND appreciate them, and feel confident you will, too. See more >>

We’re sure you’ll agree fall is a wonderful time of year. We want to stress there’s no need for your green thumb to go into hibernation. Bringing your plants indoors – or adding to your indoor collection – makes your home more relaxing – and more beautiful. Autumn hues, like the ones featured in our Fall Collection, are a perfect backdrop for the holidays.

At PlantVine, we pack some magic into each container we send.

Lift the lid, unbox the contents, and… Presto! Our plants are ready to revitalize a room. Here are five simple suggestions to breathe new life  into your home design.

EMPTY CORNERS: Not large enough for a piece of furniture, but too big to ignore, a plant can be a great solution for a dreary corner. For example, a Monstera has the shape, color and impact to handsomely fill a space. For smaller spaces like a desk corner, a tiny succulent can add interest to any workspace.

LIVING ROOM: Your home’s focal point, the living room is the central canvas for your personal style. Whether your prefer traditional décor, or the clean spare lines of Scandinavian design, adding a single plant or a multiple grouping brings a fresh appeal. For example, the tall, skyward bound leaves of the hardy Snake Plant lift the eye upward. The Fiddle Leaf Fig also makes a striking statement, (though it will need a bit more attention from you.)

BATHROOM: Some plants thrive in high humidity. Tropical plants like Pothos, Air Plants and Ferns bring a welcome touch of green to this small, but oh-so-important room in your home.

NURSERY: Plants like the Ponytail Palm, Spider Plant, Jade Plant or Boston Fern not only look lovely, but they work hard to purify the air. Of course, these are also completely non-toxic, so no worries there! Any of these are a smart idea to keep the Nursery looking its best and ensuring the air your baby breathes is pristine.

KITCHEN: Even the most skilled chefs occasionally sustain an injury from a knife that slips, or from the jagged edge of a can’s lid. How clever to have a treatment, like an Aloe Vera, close at hand. It’s well documented that Aloe is the “go-to” salve for burns and cuts. Another suggestion – it goes without saying that cooking with fresh herbs enhances any recipe. Why not consider growing Basil, Thyme or Parsley right on your kitchen windowsill?

When you’re looking for a way to freshen up a room, look no further! We’ve got options you’ll adore.

Now that you’ve unboxed the plant, it’s time to find a special spot to place it.

Time to style, accent existing décor and get inspired with plants. Change the way a room looks, transform it from bland to lively or create your own indoor jungle. The power of plants changes the mood and atmosphere of a room.

Create a Cozy & Comforting Environment in Your Home

When bringing houseplant(s) into your home, many considerations should be made ahead of time. Where should the plant be placed; will it have enough light? How tall should the plant be, or how wide? Which room would best accommodate the plant? Plants such as the Snake Plant, Aloe Vera or bamboo can create a lush bathroom space that is bright and cheery. Basil, cilantro, thyme and more herbs right in your kitchen windowsill, become easy to access when needed.

Bring the Feeling of Home to College

College can be tough at times with homesickness and stress; gifting a houseplant can make dorm life feel a little like home. Dorms and apartments are usually small, cramped and a little stuffy. A houseplant could purify the air and create a calming environment. It brings a great aesthetic for dorm rooms and apartments; cacti or succulents are low-maintenance plants that will survive even if it is sometimes forgotten. If these plants are placed in a well-lighted area they will thrive. Ferns are good natural humidifiers that can freshen a confined room. Other plants such as, the Snake Plant are very shapely and trendy, accenting the room and giving it a more modern feel.

Energize Your Workspace

Going into work and sitting in your office can be a bit stultifying at times. Adding style or a green touch into your office can improve productivity at work. Make work a more fun and comfortable environment, worth going to. Add some color into the office with the ZZ Plant. They are tolerant to low light and will grow even with little water. Bamboo is an easy to grow houseplant that doesn’t need much light, if the stems are submerged in water they can grow without soil.

No matter where you place your houseplant, it will change the room. Whether it may remove toxins from the air, add color to a bland room or bring your décor together, houseplants will always be a great addition.