Take a quick look at your porch or patio.

Wouldn’t a new container arrangement really add some impact out there?

Tired and overgrown container arrangement.

It’s not hard to spruce up the area, but maybe you’ve been a bit worried about your success. Perhaps past experiences have made you doubt your green thumb? Fear not! Even if you’re a plant newbie, we’ve got you covered. Read on….

When plotting out a new arrangement, whether it is to feature flowering plants or just greenery, it’s important to remember there is no right or wrong plant combination. Your new arrangement should reflect your personal preferences and style. Here are six simple steps to create your own lush and lovely container arrangement.

  1. Choose a Pot that Inspires YOU

Start simple. With endless pottery options in a wide range of shapes and sizes, you’re sure to find a pot that fits your space and your vision. Be sure to choose a planter with a bottom drainage hole. This will help prevent overwatering.

  1. Plan with Bold Color

When developing a flower-filled planter, think color…and don’t be afraid of going bold. You may want to think about the season, and pick a complementary color scheme.

  1. Thrill, Fill, & Spill

This container has a thriller, spiller, and filler

With your color palette in mind, it’s time to determine the perfect mix for your planter. Just remember these three little words: Thriller, Spiller and Filler.

  • Thriller: This should be your container’s main attraction. The perfect plant should stand tall in the back/center of your planter. It is best to pick your “Thriller” first and build around it. Examples of thrillers: Egyptian Papyrus (Cyperus papyrus) or Purple Fountain Grass (Pennisetum setaceum ‘Rubrum’).
  • Spiller: Here we’re referring to a trailing plant that spills over your container as it grows. Your Spiller can be boldly colored, like a Sweet Potato Vine.
  • Filler: Time to fill in. Adding plants around your “Thriller” and “Spiller” allows you to fill up your container and visually tie your arrangement together. Add simple drops of color through flowering plants, or even add something edible, like Rosemary. Examples of fillers: Coleus, Pentas, and, Lantana.

(*When choosing your Thriller, Spiller and Filler, make sure to consider what lighting conditions your container will receive. Will the spot receive full sun? Partial shade? Varying light conditions must be considered as you pick your plants.)

  1. Time to Plant

Mockup of how you want to arrange your plants before unpotting

After purchasing your plants, it’s time to assemble. Make sure you’ve chosen a high quality, organic soil, such as our PlantVine Organic Potting Soil. The right soil is crucial to ensure the plant receives proper nutrients and will have good drainage.

  • Step 1: Fill the planter halfway with soil. (Remember you’ll be adding multiple plants to your pot, so don’t overfill.)
  • Step 2: Before removing your plants from their original containers, do a mockup of how you want to arrange your plants. Simply place the plants inside the container to determine your “layout.”
  • Step 3: After deciding upon your preferred planting arrangement, it’s time to plant! We always suggest starting with the main attraction (Thriller) first, and then build around it. When you first “unpot” your plant, make sure to shake away the excess soil to reveal the roots. Then place the plant in the new container. As you fill everything in, you may decide you’ve purchased more plants than you actually needed. No worries, this happens all the time. Think how lovely that “extra” plant will look on its own in another spot.
  • Step 4: Once you’re happy with the placement, add more organic soil to the container to firmly pack in your arrangement.
  1. Some Advice on Watering

Click here for a step by step guide on essential watering tips

After you’re done arranging, remove any excess soil. Then, water each plant to begin establishing the plant in its new container. Developing a healthy watering schedule is key to the longevity of your arrangement. For a step by step guide on essential watering tips, Click Here >>

  1. Enjoy!

As you admire your gorgeous new planter, we’d love to see your new creation and share it with our community of plant lovers. Get out that iPhone and snap a few. Please tag us on social media @plantvine. Congrats, you are on your way being a Green Thumb Legend!

(Please note: As your arrangement establishes itself, it is not unusual to experience some plant loss. Should this occur, simply remove the dead plant and replace it with something fresh and new.)

Need a mood booster? Stressed at work or school? We’ve got a simple, effective idea sure to help. Add some plants to your life! Plants are so much more than lovely to look at… they are therapeutic, can sharpen your focus and improve your mood.


Ever wonder why people bring flowers and plants to hospital patients? Sure, plants absolutely brighten the environment, but they can also lower anxiety and improve feelings of well-being – which positively impacts your health. Research has proven rooms that overlook greenery, or that feature plants inside tend to be more cheerful and inviting. This can go a long way to improving feelings of depression. A positive mental state definitely speeds the healing process.


Stress and low attentiveness are common among office workers and students. Plant’s air filtering abilities can heighten focus. Having an environment with cleaner air allows for an increase in productivity.


These days, we spend the bulk of our time working indoors. There is no interaction with nature. During the work week, we so seldom get the benefit of that more relaxed feeling that comes from being outside. Re-creating nature indoors – bringing some nature to us – can really help. Adding a bit of greenery on your desk can change your mood each time you glimpse it. It can add life to a colorless room and relax you.

Lavender, Aloe, English Ivy, Basil and Peace Lily are just some of the plants which have been scientifically proven to be mood enhancers. The scent of lavender is used to calm nerves, relieve headaches and treat depression. Aloe is thought to bring positive energy into your home. (And, of course, its topical benefits in treating skin irritations is well known.) NASA scientists have shown that English Ivy is the most effective air-filtering houseplant. The smell of Basil can reduce stress. The Peace Lily is another organic air purifier that also aids relaxation. And we’ve only just scratched the surface.

Doesn’t matter where you are, surrounding yourself with plants will beautify your world, and be beneficial for your health and well-being.
Hard to believe, but Summer is winding down.

We bet you’re already compiling lists of things you’ll need to take to school, whether you’re heading for a dorm or an apartment share. While gathering your gear, don’t forget to include a plant or two. They’ll beautify your space, help to cleanse dorm room air… and maybe even remind you of home. Get ready to take some notes: here are our top five “Dorm Friendly” picks.

  1. Aloe Vera. Paper cut, bug bite, sunburn – Aloe Vera is the recommended natural treatment for many skin irritants. You need only cut away the outer skin from a leaf, and rub the sap onto the affected area. Keep the plant in a bright spot and water when the soil is moderately dry. With just a bit of care, the Aloe Vera will offer up some very welcome TLC. (And who wouldn’t appreciate that when they’re away from home?)
  2. Snake Plant. We bet there was a Snake Plant in your bedroom at home, because Mom knows the plant is an effective air purifier. Keeping one in your dorm room is a smart way to cleanse the air. There are several different leaf varieties, each adds a unique look to dorm décor.
  3. Money Tree. Legend has it that a Money Tree brings good luck and helps remove stress. That’s quite the dynamic duo when you’ve got papers and exams to complete. Just keep the Tree in medium to bright light, and water regularly for evenly moist soil.
  4. Cacti. So many varieties! Just pick your favorite and place it in a special spot. You’ll get kudos for your green thumb, but truly, cacti need minimal care. A bit of water and bright light is all it takes to keep them happy.
  5.  ZZ Plant.This evergreen is “top of its class” for easy care. It will thrive in full to partial shade. It’s also drought resistant, (very forgiving should you forget to water regularly). An extremely effective air purifier, the ZZ Plant may even improve the quality of your sleep, as it constantly releases oxygen into the air.
Parents and Grandparents…here’s an idea. Plants get high marks as “Dorm-Warming” gifts. Choose your favorites and let us take it from there.
At PlantVine, we pack some magic into each container we send.

Lift the lid, unbox the contents, and… Presto! Our plants are ready to revitalize a room. Here are five simple suggestions to breathe new life  into your home design.

EMPTY CORNERS: Not large enough for a piece of furniture, but too big to ignore, a plant can be a great solution for a dreary corner. For example, a Monstera has the shape, color and impact to handsomely fill a space. For smaller spaces like a desk corner, a tiny succulent can add interest to any workspace.

LIVING ROOM: Your home’s focal point, the living room is the central canvas for your personal style. Whether your prefer traditional décor, or the clean spare lines of Scandinavian design, adding a single plant or a multiple grouping brings a fresh appeal. For example, the tall, skyward bound leaves of the hardy Snake Plant lift the eye upward. The Fiddle Leaf Fig also makes a striking statement, (though it will need a bit more attention from you.)

BATHROOM: Some plants thrive in high humidity. Tropical plants like Pothos, Air Plants and Ferns bring a welcome touch of green to this small, but oh-so-important room in your home.

NURSERY: Plants like the Ponytail Palm, Spider Plant, Jade Plant or Boston Fern not only look lovely, but they work hard to purify the air. Of course, these are also completely non-toxic, so no worries there! Any of these are a smart idea to keep the Nursery looking its best and ensuring the air your baby breathes is pristine.

KITCHEN: Even the most skilled chefs occasionally sustain an injury from a knife that slips, or from the jagged edge of a can’s lid. How clever to have a treatment, like an Aloe Vera, close at hand. It’s well documented that Aloe is the “go-to” salve for burns and cuts. Another suggestion – it goes without saying that cooking with fresh herbs enhances any recipe. Why not consider growing Basil, Thyme or Parsley right on your kitchen windowsill?

When you’re looking for a way to freshen up a room, look no further! We’ve got options you’ll adore.

Now that you’ve unboxed the plant, it’s time to find a special spot to place it.

Time to style, accent existing décor and get inspired with plants. Change the way a room looks, transform it from bland to lively or create your own indoor jungle. The power of plants changes the mood and atmosphere of a room.

Create a Cozy & Comforting Environment in Your Home

When bringing houseplant(s) into your home, many considerations should be made ahead of time. Where should the plant be placed; will it have enough light? How tall should the plant be, or how wide? Which room would best accommodate the plant? Plants such as the Snake Plant, Aloe Vera or bamboo can create a lush bathroom space that is bright and cheery. Basil, cilantro, thyme and more herbs right in your kitchen windowsill, become easy to access when needed.

Bring the Feeling of Home to College

College can be tough at times with homesickness and stress; gifting a houseplant can make dorm life feel a little like home. Dorms and apartments are usually small, cramped and a little stuffy. A houseplant could purify the air and create a calming environment. It brings a great aesthetic for dorm rooms and apartments; cacti or succulents are low-maintenance plants that will survive even if it is sometimes forgotten. If these plants are placed in a well-lighted area they will thrive. Ferns are good natural humidifiers that can freshen a confined room. Other plants such as, the Snake Plant are very shapely and trendy, accenting the room and giving it a more modern feel.

Energize Your Workspace

Going into work and sitting in your office can be a bit stultifying at times. Adding style or a green touch into your office can improve productivity at work. Make work a more fun and comfortable environment, worth going to. Add some color into the office with the ZZ Plant. They are tolerant to low light and will grow even with little water. Bamboo is an easy to grow houseplant that doesn’t need much light, if the stems are submerged in water they can grow without soil.

No matter where you place your houseplant, it will change the room. Whether it may remove toxins from the air, add color to a bland room or bring your décor together, houseplants will always be a great addition.


Work can be so stressful. Perhaps your project list is packed, or deadlines loom large and you’re not sure you can get it all done.  While we can’t help with workload, we can help with improving your work space. Not only will a plant offer tranquil beauty to your office, they also bring a breath of fresh air (which could boost your productivity). Between work and home, average Americans spend 90% of their time indoors, where the amount of some pollutants can be two to five times higher than outside. Here are some top picks we know will “work” well at your office to add beauty and cleanse the air.

The Snake Plant is #1 on our list. There are many different varieties to choose from, including the popular Whale Fin or the Laurentii. The Snake Plant is incredibly low maintenance, and can thrive in a wide range of light conditions. It easily survives an irregular watering schedule, and excels as an effective air purifier.

The Money Tree could be a beautiful addition to your cubicle. Like the Snake Plant, the Money Tree is known for its ability to survive with minimal care and low light conditions. Many people believe the Money Tree brings good luck and fortune, which is why you’ll find it atop desks everywhere.

The Dracaena is our next suggestion. With its many colorful varieties, the Dracaena conjures up a tropical feel wherever you place it. The Dracaena is truly low maintenance, with high marks for air purification.

The Aloe Vera is a hardy choice, and thrives with very little care. Of course, its gel has been a used as a skin treatment for thousands of years. So, next time you get a paper cut, apply some to the wound for a speedy recovery.

The Peruvian Apple Cactus brings the feel of the desert to your office. You’ll find it to be a low maintenance gem that can grow to impressive heights and even produce flowers. It’s a new and notable choice for cacti lovers.

The Ponytail Palm is actually a succulent that stores water in its trunk. What that means for you is that it is relatively easy care. Its whimsical silhouette adds so much to an office scape.

After a challenging meeting, imagine walking back into your work space and pausing just a moment to appreciate the fresh, vital beauty of a plant. We think it’s a fabulous way to “dress” your office for success!