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National Mental Health Awareness Month: Houseplants for a Healthy Mind

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, many houseplants possess unique properties that can positively impact mental health, providing a soothing sanctuary amidst the chaos of daily life.

Biophilic Design: How to Incorporate Living Plants Into Your Living Space

There are small everyday ways to bring nature to your indoor space. Plants bring something more. They are alive, and they serve a purpose beyond making a statement in your decor.

young sad woman near wet window after the rain misses the ficus
How can plants affect your mental health?

Getting through the winter months may seem like a difficult task at times, with dry air and short days, but it is about to get better! "Seasonal depression is a medical condition that affects more than half...

Plant in Ceramic Pot
Boost Your Mood with a Dash of Green

Need a mood booster? Stressed at work or school? We’ve got a simple, effective idea sure to help. Add some plants to your life! Plants are so much more than lovely to look at…

cardboard boxes in empty new apartment
Our Top Five “College-Bound” Plant Picks

Hard to believe, but Summer is winding down. We bet you’re already compiling lists of things you’ll need to take to school, whether you’re heading for a dorm or an apartment share.

pouf next to rug in bright living room interior with plants and
Discover the Impact of Plants in Your Life

Time to style, accent existing décor and get inspired with plants. Change the way a room looks, transform it from bland to lively or create your own indoor jungle. The power of plants changes the…

Air Purifying Plants
Air Purifying Plants Perfect for Your Office

Work can be so stressful. Perhaps your project list is packed, or deadlines loom large and you’re not sure you can get it all done. While we can’t help with workload, we can get it all done.