Spring Presale

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Take advantage of our Spring Presale and get the plants you want, delivered at their peak. Plus get, 15% off your entire purchase when you pre-order.

PlantVine's Spring Preorder Is Underway:

Monstera at sunset

Whether you live in a region where weather can impact the health of your plants, have a second residence that you’d like to return to full of lush new plants, or just want your plants at the peak of the growing season, PlantVine is now offering its spring presale.

From now until March 1, customers can select the plants they want from PlantVine.com and use code “SpringPre2023,” and those orders will be placed on hold until March 15*, while receiving 15% off that order as a bonus.

This is a great opportunity to pick up rare, hard-to-find species of plants that you won’t find at large chain retail stores or generic garden stores. or reserve larger specimens which you may not have room for indoors at the moment.

A Spring-ready Porch or Patio

Now is the perfect time to start planning on turning your porch, balcony or patio into a vibrant oasis for when the weather turns warmer. Just pick what plants you want and we will have them delivered, in peak bloom, just in time for them to soak up the sun in their new home.

*All orders will be automatically placed on hold until plants are ready to ship. Delivery dates may vary.