Spring Plants

Refresh your space this spring with our selection of over 500 outdoor plants to plant in your landscape or enjoy on your patio.

Landscape Ready Plants for a Garden Re-do

Discover our selection of over 400 cold hardy landscape ready plants ready to give your yard a refresh during the warmer months.

Fruits Perfect for Growing on Your Patio

Citrus limon 'Meyer'

Meyer Lemon Tree (Edible)

Citrus limon 'Meyer', Meyer Lemon Tree (Edible)

$49.00 $125.00 Select options

Passiflora edulis 'Purple Possum'

Passion Fruit Vine

Passiflora edulis 'Purple Possum', Passion Fruit Vine

$68.00 Select options

Persian Lime (Edible)

Citrus latifolia 'Persian'

Persian Lime (Edible), Citrus latifolia 'Persian'

$50.00 $125.00 Select options

Valencia Orange

Citrus sinensis 'Valencia'

Valencia Orange, Citrus sinensis 'Valencia'

$49.00 $97.00 Select options

Container Ready Tropical Plants for Your Patio

Discover tropical plants such as hibiscus, fruiting trees, palms, and more perfect for creating your own tropical oasis.