Shipping Plants

Our mission at PlantVine is to hand select premium, healthy plants from our network of local growers and have them quickly arrive at your door in optimum condition.

California Shipments: We are unable to ship to California due to restrictions placed on the importing of plant material by the California Department of Agriculture. We are working hard to get all of the appropriate licenses in place to start reshipping back into CA as soon as possible. Please check back soon or send as an email here for more of an update: Contact Us!

  • Free shipping on all orders over $100.
  • Orders $99.99 or less are charged a flat rate of $10 Shipping
  1. Once you place your order, you’ll receive an email confirmation.
  2. A member of our professional team will then hand-select your plant(s) from our grower network.
  3. Next, you’ll receive images of your plant(s) as we ready it to ship to you.
  4. Once your picture is taken, we then cue your plant in our shipping line to be meticulously hand packed to ensure your plants arrive in pristine condition. Typically once your plant is put into this cue, it does ship the same business day or the following business day.  See line item 7 on what may constitute a delay in shipment but is not limited to those specified reasons.
  5. We currently ship plants in various sizes. Though we do our best to fit the largest possible plant in the shipping boxes, if your plant exceeds the standard box dimensions, we may trim it accordingly. This will not harm your plant and will, in fact, promote new growth. Please note that plants are not guaranteed to arrive with flowers or fruit even if pictured. Some plants may also drop leaves during transit but will recover with proper conditions.
  6. Currently, we ship anywhere in the continental United States, excluding Alaska and Hawaii.
  7. If we learn the shipping time of your order will be longer than normal, we may hold off shipping until a later day to reduce the time your plant is in transit. For instance, orders in which the shipping interval spans a weekend may be held until the following week. We may also delay shipping due to weather conditions en route that could damage your plant. e.g., extreme cold or heat. We will notify you should this be the case.
  8. All orders are sent typically via FedEx, UPS, or USPS depending on package size and originate from our South Florida facility.
  9. You’ll receive an email detailing tracking information once your package leaves our facility.
  10. If you live in a colder climate, and the delivery date forecast calls for freezing temperatures, we suggest someone be at your home to collect the plant immediately upon delivery. This will prevent harmful exposure to extreme temperatures.
  11. On delivery day, you’ll receive an email with delivery confirmation. Please note, do not be concerned if you discover your plant has some brown leaves when you open the box. This may occur normally during shipping.

From your initial order to delivery at your door, we work to ensure your complete satisfaction. Click here to learn about our 30 day guarantee.