Yellow Pride of Barbados

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Scientific Name: Caesalpinia pulcherrima

Common Names: Pride of Barbados, Dwarf Poinciana, Barbados Flowerfence

Overview: The Dwarf Poinciana is one of the best options for everyone who wants to grow a beautiful plant. The plant comes with beautiful yellow blooms that give off a wonderful fragrance. The beautiful leaves and thin stems are an excellent addition to your space. These plants are easy to care for, and you can easily keep them in a container. It is an evergreen plant that has broad leaves. The flowers repeatedly bloom, which can significantly add to your space.

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Caring for your Dwarf Poinciana

You may not be experienced when it comes to growing the Pride of Barbados, but with just a little love and care, your plant can grow and bloom beautifully. It is best to start with a small plant rather than getting leaves. Growing a small plant will be easier, and you will also be able to get results as soon as possible. Follow this care guide, and you will be good to go. 


Keeping its native habitat in mind, the plant is not tolerant of low light. It grows outdoors, so you will need to give it direct sunlight for long hours. Without a lot of sunlight, your plant may wilt. You can keep the plant in the garden or near a window, so it gets the most sun exposure. Some shade is acceptable for the plants, so it is okay if it does not get direct sunlight as long as it gets plenty of light.


The best choice for soil for the Orange Dwarf Poinciana is sandy and well-drained soil that can give you the best drainage. You can also add a bit of peat to the soil mixture, which can help improve the drainage of your soil.


If you want your plant to grow to its full potential, you must water it frequently. Water the plant regularly in the summer. Do not let the soil dry out completely, damaging the plant’s growth. During the winter, you do not need to water your plant regularly.


There is no evident need for fertilizer for your Orange Dwarf Poinciana. However, you can feed it good quality fertilizer during the summer and spring. Providing fertilizer every two weeks can be great for the plant’s growth.

Common Issues

This plant is as robust as they come! There are not many diseases or pests that can harm the plant. However, keeping your plants safe from all problems is essential.


Different pests such as spider mites, scales, and other insects can damage the foliage and turn the leaves yellow. Check for pest infestation and avoid the insects using neem oil and other insecticidal soap.


Different diseases can affect the plant’s growth, such as Downy Mildew and powdery mildew. If your plant is kept in a moist environment, it may suffer from large white patches on the leaves. If you find such leaves, you must separate them immediately so the disease does not catch on to other leaves.


You do not need to prune the plant, but if you want, you can prune it in late autumn or the winter. It is best to do it after the plant has bloomed.


You can successfully propagate the plant using seeds. You can get these seeds from a mature plant and remove the stalks. You can then put the seeds in the paper bag and let them dry out completely.   

Potting / Repotting

You can re-pot the plant when it grows too big for the plot. Make sure you use a plot that’s well draining and big enough for the new plant.

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