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Scientific Name: Washingtonia robusta

Common Names: Washington Palm, Mexican Fan Palm, Skyduster

Overview: The Washington Palm is so fast growing, it can conjure up a tropical look in record time. It is also one of the most cold-tolerant palms you’ll find. Its fan-shaped leaves give the plant its common name, the Mexican Fan Palm. Left in a natural state, the browned fronds form a “petticoat” of thatch, which many gardeners trim off.

Once established, the palm is moderately salt and drought tolerant. It prefers a sunny, well drained spot, and loves a breezy location.

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The Palm That Makes a Presidential Statement

Washington Robusta is known by several names, such as Washington Palm and Mexican Fan Palm. This plant is a flowering species of the famous palm family of Arecaceae. Despite its name, the plant is not native to the United States or even Washington.

Washington palm is loved because of its unique leaves and easy-to-grow quality. People can grow it at home to create an aesthetic ambiance or in a park for shade. The best part is that this plant can grow 2 to 4 feet per year. 

Washington Robusta is native to northwest Mexico and Baja California Peninsula. This plant is reportedly naturalized in California, Florida, Texas, Hawaii, France, Italy, Israel, parts of the Canary Islands, etc. It was named after US president George Washington. 

As it is native to Mexico, the plant is popular with the following names:

  • Mexican Washington
  • Skyduster 
  • Mexican fan palm


Washington Palm can reach more than 98” if you give them good care. Here are some things that you need to consider while caring. 


If you want to grow them well, you need to keep them under the full sun. However, they can also thrive under shade. Fortunately, Mexican fan palms are also winter hardy, and you don’t need to worry about them in freezing temperatures. Your plant can tolerate temperate of -8° C or 18° degrees Fahrenheit. 


This plant can grow in several types of soils but healthily grows in fertile soils only. These lovely plants can grow in slightly acidic or alkaline soil. You need to check that the soil is well-draining, as your Washington Palm can’t tolerate waterlogged or soggy soils.


The fertilizers you use for the Washington Robusta depend on the soil. But in general, you need to use 1 ½ pound of 8-1-10-4 palm tree fertilizer for 100 sq feet of area. You also need to apply fertilizer every three months. 

In the case of fertilizers, make sure that your fertilizer contains a good portion of phosphorous, nitrogen, micronutrients, and potassium. Also, it’s best to use controlled-release fertilizer every month when they are growing.


Though Mexican Fan Palm is considered a desert plant, it thrives in areas with subsurface or permanent surface water. In other words, it doesn’t have high drought tolerance until it grows fully. 

Water your plant moderately throughout the year, except for freezing days. Try to keep your tree completely dry in cold weather. 

Common Issues

Since these Mexican plants have a habit of living in difficult conditions, you have to worry less about pests and diseases than other plants. 


Washington Robusta is susceptible to several pests such as scales, aphids, spider mites, and mealybugs. You can control pests by using insecticidal soap spray. If you plan to have a good height that makes it impossible to reach every leaf, you can go for the systemic insecticides drenched in plant soil. Just make sure to check the instruction before using them. 


These plants are highly susceptible to diseases, but potassium deficiency can lead to some problems. For instance, you can notice leaf tip necrosis, premature death of some levees, and lead discoloration.  

Don’t remove the discolored or partially necrotic leaves, as they provide potassium to your plants. Poorly draining soil or excessive watering can lead to root decay and rot. So, water your plants accurately. 


Your Washington Palm surely needs a pruning session once in a while. The older and dried palm leaves serve as a home to many harmful creatures like rats. 

Therefore, it’s vital to prune the plant to get rid of dead fronds. But the plants themselves will begin to shed leaves when they are 30’ feet. This means you don’t need to prune larger plants. 


Whether you want to grow Washington Palm in your garden or outside your office, you can begin the journey with the plant seed. They will easily grow through seeds and don’t require great effort. 

When you keep them warm and uniformly moist, between 29° and 35° C, the seeds will germinate in less than two weeks. 

Potting/ Reporting

You can plant these species directly in a pot or ground. Spring and early summers are the best time to plant them, as they will get excellent sunlight to grow. 

Don’t plant your tree deep in the ground than the growing point of the tree. Remove or add soil as needed. 

Additional information


10a, 10b, 11a, 9a, 9b

Sun Exposure

Full Sun, Partial Shade

Mature Height

40 ft


40 ft

72 reviews for Washington Palm

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    A very good transaction. The plant is great.

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    Came to me absolutely packed perfect and very healthy. So glad I ordered form here and will definitely be ordering more plants

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    Beautiful plant
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    Will order more in one weak

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    Absolutley perfect! Great looking palm and safe fast shipping. Will buy again!

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    The plant came exactly how PlantVine showed it in the picture. I’m very pleased with how responsive PlantVine is and how good their customer service is! My Washingtonia robusta took 4 days to ship and was securely packaged and easily removed from the box with no mess. The tree is now on my deck getting full sun and loving it’s life green, happy and healthy!

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    Perfect! Well packed and in great condition.

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    I received my palm tree in very good condition and it is way larger than l thought it would be and l am very happy with it and the shipping was fast. I will be ordering again. Thank You!

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    Arrived beautifully. Definitely worth the money. I would buy again.

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    Plants were good … delivery not soo much. Deliver driver just stood the box in my driveway upside down, with no notification of delivery so the box stood like that a good part of the day. Suggestions …mark each box with idiot-proof arrows showing “this side up”; also, that stock of bamboo that was inserted in each plant helped save the plants

  15. Coker Robert ( Bob) (verified owner)

    No problems

  16. Cara M. (verified owner)

    My siblings all threw in on this palm tree as a birthday gift to my mother. She was so happy when she found the shipping box on her doorstep and has taken so many photos of this plant and is so proud of it. Thank you for the healthy and gorgeous plant, you can tell that it was carefully grown, loved and cared for throughout the whole process. Thankful for a company that takes pride and produces high quality plants. My mom won’t stop talking about this palm tree.

  17. Stanton (verified owner)

    plant was beautiful, just what I wanted

  18. Colleen C. (verified owner)

    I ordered 2 Washington palms and was a little nervous because they were being shipped after the hurricane. A slight delay which is totally understandable but when they arrived,PERFECTION! I know I will be ordering from this company again!!

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    Looked like photo

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    Had issues with delayed shipping on 1st palm but customer service shot me another one out and it’s huge and beautiful

  23. MUYIWA (verified owner)

    Received plant in very good condition. Healthy looking plant. This is my second Washington Plant. Love it.

  24. Laura (verified owner)

    It has already grew 3 more fronds. Doing well transplanted in Florida.

  25. Alan Baughn (verified owner)

    Always risky to buy sight unseen but we are completely satisfied with our palm

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    Plants were of good size and packaged very well.

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Beautiful palm trees

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I recently moved to NYC from LA and I want to have the California feel back to my home

Adding a tropical vibe to my pool deck

I am so excited to have a palm I can put outside in the spring and fall

I had two lovely Mexican Fan Palms and purchased another elsewhere. It did not survive. I am hoping this extra large will fit in more closely to the size of my other two.

We needed one more palm tree to add the final touch to our yard.