Variegated Epipremnum pinnatum

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Scientific Name: Epipremnum pinnatum ‘variegata’

Common Names: Yellow Flames

Overview: This Brazilian plant was once named, and is still referred to, as a Philodendron Stenolobum. It’s drop dead gorgeous with long scalloped leaves which can get up to 3 feet long! This is a collector’s item, especially the ones with narrow leaves like this. It’s considered to be a self-header and not a climber, which means it tends to stay on the ground and become a big, beautiful butterball of a plant.

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Introducing the Epipremnum pinnatum ‘variegata’, a stunning addition to any indoor plant collection. This exotic, native to tropical regions of Asia, features uniquely patterned leaves with stunning variegation. Its heart-shaped foliage showcases a blend of cream, yellow, and green, providing a captivating visual contrast. The ‘variegata’ thrives in bright, indirect light and requires minimal care, making it ideal for busy plant owners or beginners. Allow it to cascade from a hanging basket or train it to climb for a truly tropical feel.


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