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Windmill Palm Chamaerops excelsaTrachycarpus fortunei


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The best cold hardy palm, Trachycarpus Fortunei, also known as the Windmill Palm, is native to regions of central China, southern Japan, northern India and south to north Myanmar. It’s also great for growing in areas of zone 7 – 10. Best in full sun to partial shade, it’s considered a monocot and provides you with some amazing flowers during the right times of the year.

The yellow and green flowers bloom from the bright green palms during the summer months of June to July. Not only that but it looks super unique while they’re growing anywhere in your yard or throughout the area. It’s a great look for landscaping and provides fruits as well as flowers that attract a range of different animals including birds and butterflies. 

You may be surprised to see this tree actually growing at altitudes of nearly 8,000 feet and by the way it’s been used for rope, sacks and even cloth. It’s also cultivated easily and can grow all the way to 70 feet when left on its own in a native habitat. In most areas it grows to about 10 feet tall, so you’ll have a tree that you can feel comfortable planting anywhere around your home. 

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