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Blue Sky VineThunbergia grandiflora


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PlantVine Natural Root Stimulant

Natural probiotics, organics, and moisture control gel boost root growth. Invigorates existing plants, reduces transplant shock and accelerates establishment of new plants. This all natural product will not burn roots.

When Transplanting: Apply between new soil and plant so stimulant touches root ball.

For Existing Plants: Apply stimulant 2-3 inches below top of soil.

Use the proper amount for each pot size:
6″ Pot: ½ Pack
8-10″ Pot: 1 Pack
12-14″ pot: 2 Packs

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The Thunbergia Grandiflora plant, commonly known as “Blue Sky Vine”, is an evergreen tropical plant that grows in areas where the climate is frost-free. The Blue Sky Vine grows natively in India, China, Nepal, Burma, and Indochina. The plant does not grow properly at any temperature below the range of 50–55 °F. It is also known to grow in many parts of the US, perhaps most widely in California and Florida. The list also includes parts of Louisiana, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Texas, among other states.

It is an evergreen plant which growth can reach up to 20 meters in height, and produces violet-blue, trumpet-shaped flowers. The Blue Sky Vine blooms best during the summer when its mostly violet-blue flowers tend to really thrive. In tropical climates, the plant maintains that same level of allure throughout the whole year.

The Sky Vine is oftentimes used in gardens and backyards, where it is grown to cover up fences, an arbor, pergolas, and it is also utilized as a privacy screen. For better growth, it needs well-drained soil, kept evenly moist, and part-shade.

It is also suitable for indoor growing. Place in a container that is well-drained and on a spot both warm and reached by bright sunlight. It is also essential that you water it regularly. During the winter, find a sunny window as frost could hinder its growth or perhaps ruin the plant altogether.

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8a, 8b, 9a, 9b, 10a, 10b, 11a

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Sun Exposure

Partial Sun

Mature Height

15 ft – 20 ft


15 in – 18 in

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