Tecoma stans ‘Yellow Elder’

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Scientific Name: Tecoma stans ‘Yellow Elder’

Common Names: Yellow Elder Esperanza Plant, Yellow Bells, Yellow Trumpet Bush

Overview: Tecoma stans, commonly known as Yellow Elder or Yellow Bells, is a tropical flowering plant that is native to the Americas, from the Southwestern United States down to Argentina. It is a fast-growing shrub or small tree that can reach up to 25 feet in height in optimal conditions, but it is more commonly seen at 10-15 feet tall. The plant produces bright, showy yellow trumpet-shaped flowers that bloom in clusters throughout the year. Tecoma stans is a hardy plant that can tolerate heat, drought, and poor soil conditions, making it a popular choice for landscaping in warmer regions. The plant is also sometimes grown as a container plant or houseplant in cooler climates.

Recently Shipped Tecoma stans 'Yellow Elder'


The Esperanza Plant is as Versatile as it is Beautiful

The Tecoma Stans, or Yellow Elder Esperanza, is an amazingly flexible option. Looking for a tree? It can be a tree. Looking for a shade bush or a trellis? It can do that, too. If you’re looking to bring it indoors, simply trim it down into a small bush.

You’ll fall in love with the Yellow Elder’s brilliant yellow flowers that keep on coming, especially if you live in warmer climates. Its lovely profile can soften a more formal landscape, and blends beautifully with various styles of architecture.

Fast growing, its branches can appear long and droopy, and will do best when protected from strong winds. Plant the Yellow Elder with plenty of room on each side, so it won’t overtake other plants or obstruct the flow of your yard. It works in different kinds of sun exposure, but more sunshine brings more flowers. Once established, the Yellow Elder can be drought tolerant. Make sure to let the soil dry out between watering’s. 

Caring for your Esperanza Plant

While the attractive ornamental shrub is not too hard to grow, you should still take a few measures to ensure healthy growth. 


Tecoma stans thrive best when you provide it with at least 6 hours of sunlight once every 24 hours. So, you will need to place your shrub in a place where it gets enough light to bloom flowers. If it only gets partial shade, it might get leggy. Meanwhile, too much shade will cause problems when blooming, so full sunlight is what your Esperanza plant needs. 


If your area gets adequate precipitation, you don’t have to worry about watering your Yellow Elder plant. It flourishes well in normal rainfall conditions, but you may need to be careful in consistently dry and hot weather conditions. Even so, the shrub does not prefer excess watering as it can lead to diseases such as mildew or rot. 


When it comes to soil, the Esperanza plant only looks for well-draining quality. It can grow well in alkaline or acidic soils, so choose any kind of soil from clay, loam, or sand. Just make sure the soil drains well by adding compost if needed. 


According to the basics, you do not need to fertilize a Tecoma Stans plant as it can grow and bloom very well without feed. However, you can use high-quality granular fertilizer thrice a year if your plant shows signs of unhealthiness. 

Common Pests and Diseases

As we have already mentioned, the Yellow Elder is not much of a high-maintenance plant. It is also quite resilient to pests and diseases compared to other plants. While your shrub will rarely counteract pests, be careful about scales and chewing insects. 


You don’t need to excessively prune the Esperanza plant, but you might still want to trim it once a year if it grows too big for you to handle. Not to mention, it will strengthen the trunk and encourage healthier growth. Make sure you prune your shrub during the late winter seasons and cut back all the way down to avoid winter frost damage. You might want to cover the Yellow Elder roots with mulch after you prune them. 


You can propagate Tecoma Stans from both seeds as well as cuttings. 

You will need to dry up the seeds for seed propagation. Fill up a tray or pot with vermiculite or peat moss and add water to keep it moist but not soggy. Remember to keep it out of direct sunlight.

Use stem cuttings that are about 3 to 4 inches long to propagate Yellow Elder in spring or summer. Place these in a pot filled with peat moss or perlite and cover it with a plastic bag. 


Potting and repotting of the Esperanza plant are extremely easy. Use your regular soil mixture and add in your potting sources such as seeds or cuttings. Transfer the plant in bigger containers when it starts outgrowing its current one. You can transplant your shrub in your garden once it is 1 ft tall.

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10a, 10b, 11a, 11b, 8a, 8b, 9a, 9b

Sun Exposure

Full Sun, Partial Shade, Partial Sun

Mature Height

6 ft – 15 ft


4 ft – 8 ft

27 reviews for Tecoma stans ‘Yellow Elder’

  1. Patricia P. (verified owner)

    This plant arrived in the same box as the shrimp plant. Since it was a shorter plant it was not damaged as much.
    The plant is thriving.

  2. Lindy Trigueros (verified owner)

    Plant is almost dying

  3. Alicia (verified owner)

    My plants leaves are falling off. Not sure what’s happening. I have not removed it from it’s original packaging as suggested

  4. Kenneth Foshee (verified owner)

  5. Paulette S. (verified owner)

    Plant is healthy and doing well.

  6. Barbara (verified owner)

    This company is awesome to work with. I loved thatthey continually communicated with me on the status of my order. A pleasure to do business with.

  7. Arthur H. (verified owner)

    Excellent plant

  8. Mary Gordon (verified owner)

    Perfect shape. Exactly what i expected. I will enjoy it all summer

  9. Anonymous (verified owner)


  10. Barbara (verified owner)

    Loved the service and continually communications on the status of my order.

  11. Thomas P. (verified owner)

    This plant came rather wilted but I gave it water and fresh air and it perked right up.

  12. Marilyn Boyce (verified owner)

    I could not be happier! Shipped in the hottest part of June and still moist and green leaves when it arrived. They even added a stake so that it was completely perfect when it arrived. Thanks as well for all the new emails on the care of my new plant. Much appreciated! Will buy again!

  13. Francisco Perez (verified owner)

    well takoma yellow elder is the best thing that has happened in my life is incredible to control diabetes even my doctor thought it incredible that my A1C normalized so quickly I can say with my own testimony this plant is a miracle

  14. Chester Dozier (verified owner)

  15. Lizzette Ortiz (verified owner)

  16. Francisca Pedraza (verified owner)

    Very beautiful plants. They arrived in good condition, well protected. I loved them. Thank you very much

  17. Christian Eduardo (verified owner)

  18. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Absolutely satisfied with my order!! Plant is so beautiful and packaging was great! It looks Just like the picture. Will most definitely be ordering again.

  19. Anonymous (verified owner)

    My plant is so healthy and growing a lot , so satisfied!

  20. Yesenia (verified owner)

    Very well packed, plant was in great healthy conditions. I recommend buying from seller.

  21. Deise Toscano (verified owner)

  22. José L. (verified owner)

    Thanks to you plantville I liked my plant 👍

  23. Steve T. (verified owner)

    Arrived in excellent condition ! Not as large as anticipated (eg. “tree” medium size ordered).

  24. Giselle (verified owner)

    came in good condition and a good addition to my garden

  25. Cynthia Pugh (verified owner)

    Arrived beautifully packaged..and in excellent condition,not one leaf was bent … excellent
    Very happy

  26. Juan Cordero (verified owner)


  27. Everardo S. (verified owner)

  28. Dale Ardoin

    When is best time tp transplant my bush. Need to change location?

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Why others chose the Tecoma stans ‘Yellow Elder’

Esperanza grows beautifully in Northeast Texas with very little maintenance - it’s just an easy beautiful plant!

The beautiful flowers.

To treat diabetes.

Many good reviews that this plant helps diabetics lower blood sugar. Bought one in hopes it does

I heard this is good to reverse diabetes.

Was told it helps out with diabetes !

I Love the yellow flowers.

Attracts hummingbirds, butterflies, bees and other pollinators

Couldn’t find it locally

Pretty yellow flowering shrub. It should thrive well in TX.

My mother drinks tea from these leaves for diabetes

For diabetes

My father asked me to purchase for him, he is a diabetic and hoping the plant will help him.

Beautiful Florida friendly plant that attracts birds and butterflies

I purchased the yellow elder because it is used to treat diabetes and I have it.

I recently researched that it cures diabetes, which is why I bought this!!

Saw the flowers Castrovill and wanted some for our home.

replacing old one that died over winter.