The Big Difference
Aglaonema ‘Chocolate’
Ponytail Palm
ZZ Plant
King Sago Palm
Aglaonema ‘Red Siam’
Sansevieria Bird’s Nest
Sanseveria Starfish
Aglaonema ‘Sparkling Sarah’
Aglaonema ‘Red Valentine’
Lemon Button Fern

Small Things Interior Collection: The Big Difference Box x 8 House Plants


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Make a big difference this holiday season with our Small Things Interior Collection or give each plant as a gift! All plants come in standard grower pots and do not include decorative pot.

The Big Difference Box  Includes: 
  • (6) Gallon Plants
  • (2) Inch Plants

Plants Included:

  • Aglonemea x 2
  • Ponytail Palm
  • King Sago Palm
  • ZZ Plant
  • Fern
  • Draceana ‘JC’ – 4 Inch
  • Sanseveria ‘Starfish’- 4 Inch

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A Fabulous Gift That Will Definitely “Grow” On the Lucky Recipient(s)

When you’re looking for a truly special gift, you don’t need to head to the mall and fight the crowds. Our Small Things Interior Collection is a lush and lovely grouping of five popular indoor plants that will bring joy all year long.

You can choose to give the entire collection to one lucky person, or separate it into individual gifts for eight appreciative friends or family.

*As our inventory changes daily, plants can become out of stock. In the event that a plant in our boxes are not available we will make a substitution to the closest thing available.


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