Schefflera actinophylla ‘Amate’

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Scientific Name: Schefflera actinophylla ‘Amate’

Common Names: Amate Umbrella Tree

Overview: Like most houseplants, the Schefflera Amate plant is a tropical plant with large leaves. Its glossy foliage is what makes the plant so attractive to plant parents. Commonly called the Umbrella Tree, Schefflera should not give you much trouble. Nonetheless, you should take some measures to ensure healthier and fuller growth. Let’s see what you need to know about the umbrella plant. 

If you love wild tropical vibes in your home but can’t commit to high-maintenance plants, the Schefflera Amate is a great option. But keep in mind that if you are looking to grow it outdoors, it might take up a good piece of your property. That’s because it can grow over 10 inches tall. On the other hand, indoor Schefflera grows at a moderate rate. 

This item ships in a black grower pot.

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Under my Umbrella, -ella, -ella, -ella

Umbrella trees, also known as Schefflera, are a popular houseplant that are native to Taiwan and Hainan. They are known for their distinctive umbrella-shaped leaves that grow on long stems, making them a striking addition to any room. Umbrella trees are relatively easy to care for and can grow up to 8 feet tall indoors with proper care. They prefer bright, indirect light and well-draining soil, and should be watered when the top inch of soil feels dry. While umbrella trees are generally low-maintenance, they can be prone to spider mites, so it’s important to keep an eye out for any signs of infestation. With proper care, umbrella trees can live for many years and add some greenery and personality to your home.

Caring for your Umbrella Tree

Caring for the Umbrella Tree is an easy task, but it has a few requirements to help it grow healthily.


Ideally, you should provide your Schefflera plant with a medium amount of light. Keep your plant close to a window that allows an adequate amount of light. A north-facing window works for sunny regions, while others may need to clear up the space near an east or south-facing window. 

Low light conditions are tolerable, but they might affect the rate of your plant’s growth. On the other hand, direct high light might burn the leaves. Keep rotating your plant, or its shape will lean towards the light source. 


You shouldn’t give houseplants too much water, and the same applies to the umbrella plant. Too much moisture can lead to leaf spotting and root rotting. It is best to water your plant once every seven days if you live in a hot climate region. Cooler weathers may require rarer watering. 


The good thing about Schefflera is that it can thrive in all kinds of soils, such as sand, loam, and clay. It requires normal drainage so that the soil remains moist but not soggy. 


Outdoor or indoor, you will need to feed your umbrella tree every month. You can use any all-purpose but balanced houseplant fertilizer. You can also go for a time-release fertilizer formula if you wish. 

Pests and Diseases

Scales can feed on your plant, causing elongated damage. So, you might want to use a pesticide on your Schefflera plant to avoid pest attacks. Speaking of plant diseases, it can often suffer from bacterial or fungal infections such as Pseudomonas and Alternaria. These can result in leaf dropping and leaf fallout, respectively. 


The Schefflera Amate plant is capable of growing up to 50 feet tall in its wild native locations. But you can prune it regularly to reduce its size, making it suitable for indoor situations and even outdoor ones like porches and gardens. You will need to set a pruning schedule if you don’t want the tree to take up too much space in your home.


It is easy to propagate the umbrella tree through stem cuttings. You only need to make adequately-sized cuttings and plant them in a pot with moist soil. While you can also use the air layering method, it can be quite a hassle. 


The best time to pot or repot your Schefflera plant is during spring or summers, but early fall might also work for warmer regions. Repotting usually depends on the rate of your plant’s growth rate, so keep an eye for outgrowing.

Additional information


10a, 10b, 11a

Sun Exposure

Partial Shade, Partial Sun

Mature Height

10 ft – 40 ft

48 reviews for Schefflera actinophylla ‘Amate’

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This was my first order from PlantVine. The website was clear and easy-to-use. I ordered the large schefflera. Communication from PlantVine started immediately. They had to hold the order until my area had four consecutive days of temperatures above freezing. They explained this to me and continued providing updates until my plant shipped. Before shipping, I received a photo of my exact plant.

    The plant arrived carefully boxed and wrapped. PlantVine sent detailed information about carefully opening the packaging. When I saw my schefflera, I was totally impressed. It was bigger than I thought and so healthy and beautiful.

    PlantVine also gave me information about helping my plant transition to its new environment, including watering, fertilizing and transplanting. So, PlantVine did their job, and every aspect was exceptional. Now, it’s up to me to keep this plant thriving!

    PlantVine gets my highest recommendation!

  2. Toby H. (verified owner)

    Wow..Large and Beautiful

  3. CHERYL M. (verified owner)

    Well packed. Beautiful plant! so green and vibrant.

  4. Haley (verified owner)

    Absolutely beautiful, shipped well

  5. Barbara P. (verified owner)

    I am extremely pleased with my sheffaleria. It’s a beautiful plant. The size and quality is exactly as shown when ordered. Shipping was quick and package was in perfect condition. I will definitely order again and recommend to others.

  6. Pat L. (verified owner)

    Excellent, healthy, beautiful

  7. jesse (verified owner)

    The plant arrived in beautiful shape, packed very well, and looks fantastic!

  8. Jessica S. (verified owner)

    Beautiful and big!!!

  9. Penny

    I have Umbrella plant that has 3 stalks & grew 6 ft. always had in big planter.Had it outside for about 3 years. Well we had a freeze when I wasnt home. All the leaves turned color & fell off. Now I only have the stalks that looks like bamboo.What should I do to try to save it.Could anything be done to the stalk ? Like peeling at the places that leaves grows ? Thanks for any help.

  10. Laura Champagne (verified owner)

    I am so impressed with the packing and instructions on unpacking and every step since we got the most beautiful plant. It is in our bay window in our kitchen and can see the sky perfectly. Thank you for all your concern and detail to everything. Laura Champagne

  11. Amanda Danley (verified owner)

  12. Deborah Dunacusky (verified owner)

    Our plant came looking awesome . My daughter-in-law was so thrilled with it and that makes me feel good

  13. Richard Marshall (verified owner)

    Plant arrived timely, packed well and safe. After cutting the base of cardboard (not easy for a 72-year old), I removed all packing carefully, gave it a nice drink, and it’s been loving its new home I believe. I’ll leave it in pot it shipped in for about 11 days. And I’ll endeavor not to overwater it!

  14. Rebeca (verified owner)

    Beautiful plant! Healthy all around

  15. Jessica Brightly (verified owner)

    Absolutely beautiful!

  16. jOSEPH mIRIZIO (verified owner)

    Absolutely Stunning. I have been searching for this Schefflera amate for a long time. Arrived quickly in pristine condition. My Mary is very impressed.Great service, phenominal selections. Large pots are the ticket.

  17. Linda (verified owner)

    lovely plant super gorgeous and resilient

  18. Aubrie Marrin (verified owner)

    What kind of window would provide the best light for this plant, east, west, north?

  19. Mark S. (verified owner)

    Plant delivered in excellent condition! Thank you very much!

  20. Emily (verified owner)

    I have bought many plants from PlantVine and they never disappoint. This Shefflera was no different. Arrived quickly, big and healthy and beautiful.

  21. jason whalen (verified owner)

    Plant was very well wrapped, and packaged. looked exactly like it did in the in the picture. I’ll be ordering for this place again for sure! Im very happy!

  22. Florencia Johnson (verified owner)

    My plant got to me very healthy, so beautiful I never thought that my plant was going to be so great looking

  23. Jarvis H. (verified owner)


  24. Patricia Herbert (verified owner)

    Love it

  25. Pat M. (verified owner)

    This plant is the healthiest plant that I’ve ever ordered online. It was carefully packed and arrived healthy and beautiful.

  26. Nancy Zutshi (verified owner)

    appears healthy

  27. Larry S. (verified owner)

    Arrived in excellent condition and enjoying its new home! Very healthy and beautiful.

  28. carmen s. (verified owner)

    Very heathy plant. Packed well

  29. Jill (verified owner)

    Terrific set up! They’ve anticipated and addressed every concern you might have about online plant purchase and shipping.
    Very pleased with my schefflera. Definitely will use them again.
    Mother and plant doing fine, BTW!

  30. Karen J. (verified owner)

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Why others chose the Schefflera actinophylla ‘Amate’

I wanted to put it in my office to bring some life to it.

The price is right and it looks healthy, of course once I receive it I would give you more details.

I used to have a beautiful schefflera amate & lost it in a house fire & have been searching for one for a while. I'm really excited to receive her!

I've always loved this plant, I had an "Umbrella Plant" when I was in college years ago and it grew quite well. They're often hard to find now...

Less common low-maintenance plant with a big presence

I have purchased from this vendor before and plants have been clean and healthy.

Large scheffleras make a nice addition to the shady side of your house.

Indoor plant

Indoor plant

This was a hard to find plant in my area. I have a soft spot for the large leaf Sheffelara...

hard to find in our area

I love these plant with the flowers like umbrellas very pretty in the house