Sansevieria ‘Whitney’, Snake Plant

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66 reviews for Sansevieria ‘Whitney’, Snake Plant

  1. Harold (verified owner)

    Nice, robust, thick leaved plant. Nicely delineated, striking margins. It’s a beauty. Actually, there’s also an almost full grown pup, which will give me another plant at some point in the near future. Please shoot me a mail if you have or plan to have S. “Danish Crown”. I’ll buy it immediately.

  2. Mary L (verified owner)

    I’m really pleased. 👍🏾

  3. Claudia (verified owner)

    A beautiful plant. I will definitely order again.

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I rate Plantvine as a 5. The plant arrived on time in perfect condition. A pleasure dealing with a PlantVine.

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

  6. daina (verified owner)

    I took the plants a while to arrive and it looks like it has scale

  7. Martha VanAllen (verified owner)

    This medium sized plant arrived well packaged with another much taller Sansevieria. Both survived shipping in excellent condition. Beautiful plant. I’m very pleased with this purchase. Communication with PlantVine was stellar! They contacted me before shipping, as it shipped, during shipping and after delivery. It’s as if they had shipped one of their own children and wanted to make sure they arrived safely. I appreciate how PlantVine demonstrates how much they care about their plants and customer service.

  8. Britni W. (verified owner)

    This plant arrived in perfect condition and I’m in love with it.

  9. Beatrice E. (verified owner)

    The plants that were delivered were packaged GREAT!!! the plans look absolutely beautiful and healthy. They are labeled by name. I will definitely be ordering from this site again, unless they don’t support Black Lives Matter.

  10. Virginia G (verified owner)

  11. Rosa B. (verified owner)

    My plant is beautiful, nice and full and healthy. I am very pleased with it.

  12. Bernard P. (verified owner)

    Arrived healthy and in good condition

  13. L M (verified owner)

    Love my plant! The care placed in packaging and shipment was more than I could have expected! The plant arrived just as beautiful as pictured… in looking forward to my next order 😊

  14. Rachel E. (verified owner)

    Sent it as a gift and she loves it!

  15. Mabel d. (verified owner)

    All the plants I purchased arrived on time they were professionally packaged and not too thirsty great job will return for more shopping

  16. Tammy W. (verified owner)

    WOW!!! It came well packaged and healthy. There were no pests and the roots are great. I love this nursery and highly recommend. I really love that they send pictures of the exact plant you are getting sent. Great customer service.

  17. Whitney W. (verified owner)

    Such a beautiful plant and just had to have it for obvious reasons!! Came in great condition and within a week of purchase which was awesome. Definitely ordering again in the future.

  18. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Gorgeous! Great transaction

  19. Nancy Gilson (verified owner)

    Excellent plant thanks

  20. Anonymous (verified owner)

  21. Tunsa (verified owner)

    Love it💕

  22. Latanya (verified owner)

    Excellent packaging!! Despite PlantVine clearly labeling the box this plant came in “this side up” and fed ex totally disregarding the label and delivering the box upside down… the plant was packed soo well that it suffered no damage what so ever- I was very impressed.

  23. Camelon Webb (verified owner)

    This plant is very nice. Plus we got an extra, it has a baby! Arrived in good shape and the packing was good. Will order from again.

  24. John D (verified owner)

    I’m enjoying my plant

  25. Linda S J. (verified owner)

    Very pretty plant, very unusual markings. great to add to my collection of Sansevieria.

  26. Diana Kaplan (verified owner)

  27. Tommie Banks (verified owner)

    I was too excited when Whitney arrived. When I opened the box I was disappointed. Soil was every where!! I blame the postal service. The good news is Whitney was not damaged. Had to repot her and she’s beautiful. I will order again!

  28. Stacey R. (verified owner)

    Love my plant! I had been looking for this plant for awhile and I was happy to find it. This was my first time ordering from this site and I was very pleased. Plant arrived in perfect condition. Thank you, PlantVine!

  29. Sharron Winegardner (verified owner)

    Love my healthy happy Whitney. Arrived fast and in perfect shape💚

  30. Judy Cadle (verified owner)

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