Russelia equisetiformis, Firecracker Bush

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Scientific Name: Russelia Equisetiformis

Common Names: Firecracker Bush

Overview: The Firecracker Bush is a unique plant to have at home. All you need to do is ensure you follow the care instructions perfectly, and the plant will surely bloom. The beauty of the plant will not only attract humans, but it will also attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

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Cascading Fiery Red Blooms Attract Butterflies and Birds

The Russelia Equisetiformis is also known as Firecracker Bush and has a unique and pleasing look that can improve the interior and exterior of your house or office. It is an ornamental weeping subshrub native to North America and areas such as Guatemala and Mexico. It is a very adaptable plant and can adapt to any situation.

The Russelia equisetiformis is an exquisite plant found in North America. It is a very adaptable plant and can adapt to any situation. Also known as the Firecracker Bush, it belongs to the Plantaginaceae, Scrophulariaceae family. This plant is the best option if you are looking for a plant with unique leaves and large flowers. With proper care, your plant can surely give you great returns.

Caring for your Firecracker Bush

The plant is a beautiful and unique addition to your space. If you take care of the plant as intended, the flowers will bloom, and your plant will add aesthetic value to your area. The plant itself can flower all year round, but there are specific requirements for you to fulfill to ensure that the plant grows to its full potential.

One of the most important factors to remember is that the plant is frost tender and can get damaged significantly.


The ideal amount of light for the Firecracker Bush is full sunlight. The plant must get direct sunlight so it can grow exponentially. However, even if you keep the plant in partial shade, it will not hurt growth. Keep the plant outside so it can get all the sunlight it needs.


As long as the soil is well-drained, it is acceptable for the Firecracker plant. When opting for soil, make sure it is a regular potting mix. You can add a little sand and perlite to it, which will help make the soil more organic and fertile.


When the plant is growing, it is best to water it as frequently as possible. But you must ensure the soil is dry before you water it. This will help with the growth, and as soon as your plant matures, you don’t have to worry about watering it as much. Mature Firecracker Bushes do not require a lot of water and are even tolerant of drought. During the winter months, you can reduce watering your plant as frequently as you used to.


When it comes to fertilizing, you can do it once every spring and fall. Be sure to use a fertilizer that is half strength and diluted. Come winter, stop fertilizing as your plants do not need it during the colder months.

Common Issues

These plants are straightforward to care for, but here are some aspects you need to be careful of so you don’t end up damaging the plant. If you already own plants, you may know that specific problems can significantly damage the plant. Let’s take a closer look at the issues so you can look out for them.


Usually, the Firecracker Bush is unharmed by pests, but some bugs can pose a problem. For example, Spider mites, Thrips, and Mealybugs can attack the plant and cause harm. To deal with the pests, you can use insecticides. Many insecticidal soaps are also available to help you ward off all the problems.


There are multiple diseases a Firecracker Bush may face from time to time. For example, browning leaves, lack of blooms, and a dying back are some of the most common problems. Try to ensure that your plants get the most light and water, which will help you protect the plant against any diseases.


The Firecracker plant is a fast grower, meaning you will have to prune it now and then. To keep the plant in shape, you can prune it, which will also help you freshen up the plant and ensure new growth. However, the best time to prune Firecracker plants is in late winter, which will prepare the plant for future growth.


To propagate the plant, you can cut off the tips. Use a healthy stem that must be at least 6 inches long. Put the cutting into a pot with well-draining soil and water it lightly. You can keep the plant in indirect light, which will help you give the plant the perfect conditions for growth.

Potting / Repotting

Since the plant is not very particular about the kind of soil, you can take the root ball out of the pot and place it in a new pot. Be sure not to disturb the root system and get a bigger pot, so your plant grows appropriately.

Additional information


10a, 10b, 11a, 9a, 9b

Sun Exposure

Full Sun, Partial Sun

Mature Height

2 ft – 6 ft


2 ft – 4 ft

86 reviews for Russelia equisetiformis, Firecracker Bush

  1. Roberta Kudrna (verified owner)

    Our plant was beautiful and healthy when it arrived. We couldn’t be happier! Thank you!

  2. Lee R Rivera (verified owner)

    Both plants arrived looking good podding soil was dry did water as instructed,if dry add water.Both plants were removed from the shipping pots and put into a larger pot added more soil.However one of the plants appears to be drying up, has turned a pale light green sorta graying.l hope it doesn’t die on me. As stated it appears the plant will not recover so how can l get another plant as replacement.Please advice me.

  3. Glenn Soderstrom (verified owner)

    Very nice plants. Exceeded my expectations.

  4. Kenia Quintela Polston (verified owner)

  5. don d. (verified owner)

    First rate packing, beautiful plants, arrived in perfect condition, would purchase again from Plant Vine.

  6. Chris M. (verified owner)

  7. Karin B. (verified owner)

    My 2 plants arrived very well packaged and healthy. Just planted them and look forward to seeing them grow and bloom.

  8. Ron Kline (verified owner)

    Arrived looking very healthy. Thank you!

  9. Ellen Fortier (verified owner)

  10. Sandra Simons (verified owner)

    So far, it’s growing well!

  11. Sheena M. (verified owner)

    Considering the summer heat in AZ, these are doing well after their ride in the back of a hot truck! One of the 3 plants suffered a bit, but I think it will bounce back ok. I am impressed so far.

  12. George P. (verified owner)

  13. Sherry S. (verified owner)

    My plant arrived well packaged and in good health. I can’t wait to see it bloom!

  14. Paulette (verified owner)

    I loved the plant that I ordered, it was just like the one in the book. Thank

  15. Michael (verified owner)

    Just what I was looking for…

  16. Kaye Lyerly (verified owner)

    Received right when they said. Plant in perfect condition, it’s beautiful. Hope I can keep it that way.

  17. Michelle (verified owner)

    Plant arrived healthy and looking great!!

  18. Charles (verified owner)

    This plant came to us ‘lovingly’ packed. We liked that we received a picture of our plant prior to shipping.
    Our Firecracker plant went into it’s ‘summer home’ on Sunday and we are looking forward to seeing it grow, bloom and attract Hummingbirds to our front windows to watch.

    Thank you for sending us such a nice plant.

  19. Tamra Glover (verified owner)

    Plants were shipped quickly and arrived beautiful and healthy

  20. Verna Terrell (verified owner)

  21. Carol Krakowski (verified owner)

    Plant smaller then expected.

  22. michael (verified owner)

  23. Glee Cordell (verified owner)

    we were super impressed when our plants arrived in perfect condition. The plants were carefully wrapped so they didn’t dry out in transit. The plants were completely undamaged and the soil was still moist due to the careful packaging. Some of the plants were even in bloom. We also appreciated the careful instructions. we will certainly use PlantVine again.

  24. Barbara S. (verified owner)

    Arrived healthy and happy. Very little signs of shock.

  25. Russell A. (verified owner)

    Looks OK, time will tell.

  26. Darrel (verified owner)

    So far, they look great and are growing nicely. They have only been here a week so they are still in the shipping pots, but I think they are going to go NUTS when they get new homes 🙂

  27. Anonymous (verified owner)

  28. Judy (verified owner)

    I ordered 2 large Firecracker Ferns. I am a first time buyer. Gorgeous plants arrived! Packaged perfectly. Their email updates regarding delivery and follow up emails regarding how to take care of the plants is amazing! Highly recommend!

  29. Annmarie McCollum (verified owner)

    I loved the way you looked out for my plant! You wouldn’t ship until the temperatures in my area were just right. To me that says it all as to shat your company values are. Thank you very much.

  30. Donna M Holland (verified owner)

    My plant arrived healthy and undamaged from the shipping process. Looking forward to enjoying it on the deck all summer. Would purchase again.

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Why others chose the Russelia equisetiformis, Firecracker Bush

I just bought 2 plants. Pray they arrive healthy!

Very hardy plants. Survived Cat 2 hurricane winds and sub freezing winter temps unscathed!

Gift to my wife

I bought them to attract hummingbirds.

Love this plant. It’s so colorful and fluffy 😀

Love this plant. It’s so colorful and fluffy 😀

In N Texas they thrive in full sun.

They are too difficult to find in Austin. We lost all ours this year with the freeze. They are my husbands favorite

Tx freeze

I am trying to attract hummingbirds to my flower gardens

Severe Winter storm coming

Beautiful grass that blooms all summer long. Hummingbirds LOVE it. We have this in big pots on our deck. Bring it in during the winter.