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Scientific Name: Portulacaria afra ‘Aurea’

Common Names: Elephant Bush, Elephant Plant, Elephant Food, Dwarf Jade, Miniature Jade, Small Leaf Jade, Spekboom

Overview: Portulacaria afra ‘Aurea’ is a popular succulent plant that is native to South Africa. It is a compact, bushy plant with delicate, green-golden leaves that resemble the foliage of the Jade plant. The leaves of ‘Aurea’ are small, fleshy, and round, and the plant produces small, white flowers that bloom in the summer. This succulent is relatively easy to care for and thrives in bright, indirect light and well-draining soil. It is drought-tolerant and can go for extended periods without watering. ‘Aurea’ is a popular plant for indoor gardening and makes an excellent addition to succulent collections. It is often used in terrariums, fairy gardens, and as a ground cover in outdoor gardens.

  • This item ships in a black grower pot.


Big Personality in a Compact Package

The vibrant Portulacaria afra ‘Aurea’ is a rare jewel among succulents that charms with its striking appearance and resilient nature. This South African native is distinguished by its green and golden-yellow variegated leaves, which dance along reddish-brown, cascading stems. Often mistaken for a jade plant, ‘Aurea’ sets itself apart with its unique color palette and shrubby growth pattern.

Growing up to 3-5 feet tall and wide in gardens and a bit more compact in containers, this drought-tolerant plant offers an unusual combination of texture and hue. The ‘Aurea’ variety makes an excellent choice for rock gardens, xeriscapes, or as a distinctive indoor specimen. Whether you’re an avid collector or just starting with succulents, the Yellow Rainbow Bush promises to be a refreshing addition to your space.

Caring for your Elephant Bush Plant

Caring for Portulacaria afra ‘Aurea’ is a rewarding experience, as its maintenance needs are minimal, yet it provides maximum aesthetic appeal. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you foster a thriving Yellow Rainbow Bush.


‘Aurea’ loves a sunny spot and thrives in bright, indirect light. If grown outdoors, planting it in a location where it can enjoy morning sun and afternoon shade is ideal. Indoors, placing it near a south or west-facing window will ensure it receives ample light. Gradually introduce it to direct sunlight to prevent leaf scorching.


Like many succulents, Portulacaria afra ‘Aurea’ prefers well-draining soil to prevent root rot. A commercial cactus or succulent mix will generally suffice, or you can create your own mix with sand, perlite, and potting soil. Planting it in a container with drainage holes is essential to allow excess water to escape.


Watering needs are modest. During the growing season, water the plant thoroughly, allowing the soil to dry between watering sessions. In winter, reduce watering to once a month or even less. Overwatering can lead to root rot, so it’s crucial to avoid soggy soil. Humidity is generally not an issue, as the plant can adapt to both low and moderate levels.


Yellow Rainbow Bush is a warm-loving plant, thriving in temperatures ranging from 65°F to 80°F (18°C to 27°C). While it can endure a mild frost, it’s wise to move it indoors if temperatures drop significantly below freezing.


A balanced liquid fertilizer, diluted to half the recommended strength, can be applied during the growing season. Monthly feeding from spring to late summer will suffice. Avoid fertilizing in winter when the plant is in its dormant phase.


Pruning helps maintain the desired shape and encourages bushier growth. Use clean, sharp scissors or pruning shears to trim back leggy or overgrown stems. This can be done as needed throughout the year.

Pests and Diseases

‘Aurea’ is relatively resistant to pests but can sometimes attract aphids, mealybugs, or spider mites. Regular inspection and prompt treatment with insecticidal soap can manage these issues. Proper watering techniques will help prevent fungal diseases.


Propagation is a simple process. Cut a healthy stem, allow it to dry for a day or two, then plant it in well-draining soil. With proper care, the cutting should root and develop into a new plant within a few weeks.


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Sun Exposure

Medium Shade, Partial Sun

Mature Height

6 in – 12 in


6 in – 12 in

23 reviews for Elephant Bush Plant

  1. Duane Lenz (verified owner)

    plant is not doing well… didn’t look good upon receipt.

  2. Kaveh Sharzehi (verified owner)

    It’s a beautiful plant but has lost some leaves and some are crumpled. I hope it makes it

  3. Dore Kruger (verified owner)

  4. Janet Root (verified owner)

    Arrived quickly and in good condition. Very pleased with your tree and your service.

  5. Lakeesh (verified owner)

    Very cool looking plant.

  6. TINGTING (verified owner)

  7. Kyoko (verified owner)

    It was the happiest, healthiest plant of the three I purchased at the same time. Also some question with the soil since it retains water poorly and whatever water I put in comes straight out of the drainage holes in the side. But the plant itself is lovely!!!

  8. Trey (verified owner)

    Much bigger than expected!! Looks beautiful right out of the box. About 2-3 days after receiving, a ton of leaves have turned yellow and fallen off (soil was quite moist when it arrived). So I will continue to monitor in the days coming.

  9. Aleasha M. (verified owner)

    Gorgeous plant well packed and shipped. Way bigger than expected. Loved that I got a picture of my exact plant when it was shipped.

  10. Patricia J Shaw (verified owner)

    I like the plant but thought it would be fuller.

  11. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I really like my new plant. It was wrapped very well. Fast delivery too, ill order some more plants from PlantVine.

  12. Tammy W. (verified owner)

    WOW!!! It came well packaged and healthy. There were no pests and the roots are great. I love this nursery and highly recommend. I really love that they send pictures of the exact plant you are getting sent. Great customer service.

  13. VERONIQUE P. (verified owner)

    Overall pleased with my plant. I like that PlantVine takes the time to handpick your plants. They are properly packaged to prevent damage during shipment, and they stand behind their products. It was a pleasure doing business with them, and I have since recommended PlantVine to friends and family, and have also placed another order with them.

  14. Gemeil Hardy (verified owner)

    The plant is awesome it was very healthy when it came in and well packaged i had no breakage on my plant I will be buying another plant very soon thanks for the quick delivery and awesome customer service

  15. S W (verified owner)


  16. Anonymous (verified owner)

  17. Susan (verified owner)

    Beautiful plant. Much larger than expected.

  18. Nicole S. (verified owner)

    My personal favorite and also matched exactly to the picture! I would buy again!

  19. Ai G. (verified owner)

    In love with our latest addition! Exactly as pictured!

  20. Anonymous (verified owner)

  21. Pauline P. (verified owner)

  22. Lucy Burgos (verified owner)

    I am very satisfied with my purchase thank you

  23. Andrew White (verified owner)

    My plant arrive happy and hale, and a very good specimen as well.

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