Plushie with $100 Gift Card

Arrives in 3 - 7 days.
Ships March 8th - March 15th.

Let one of our cute plushies deliver your gift card! Our Daffodil Plushie measures 13 inches tall and is even cuter in person!

Plushies and Gift Cards arrive before the 24th. Colors will be chosen randomly but you can contact us with your order number if you have a color preference.

This product is not California Certified.

$ 100.00 Or pay in 4 Interest Free Payments ?
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Our plants are covered by our 45 day guarantee.
We even send you a picture of your plants before they ship.

Plushies are also available without a gift card.

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Looking for something more than a digital gift card printout? Send a cute plant plushie to deliver an actual card. Plushies and gift cards will ship when you place the order, and will arrive before the 24th so they make it in time for Christmas.

Why others chose the Plushie with $100 Gift Card

I'm gonna get more plants anyway, and I want the plushie 🥺