Bridal Bouquet Frangipani

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Scientific Name: Plumeria pudica

Common Name: Bridal Bouquet Frangipani

Overview: The Plumeria Pudica will reward backyard horticulturalists with year-round beauty. It’s a perfect accent for patio or garden with its dark green “fiddle-shaped” leaves. The Plumeria features lovely white flower clusters nearly year-round, although it’s not uncommon for it to “rest” in December and January.

The plant grows rapidly, and can reach up to 8 feet. It is an ideal in full sun to partial shade, and requires only average watering. Unlike other plumerias, the Bridal Bouquet does not have a recognizable fragrance, nor is it plagued by insect or fungus problems common to other varieties.

Recently Shipped Bridal Bouquet Frangipani


The Frangipani that Provides a Bridal Bouquet of Beautiful White Flowers

The Plumeria Pudica is native to tropical regions, and these plants produce beautiful, vibrant, and fragrant flowers. You can find many different colored flowers, such as pink, yellow, and even white. These flowers are attractive and can be a great addition to your home. If you are looking for a beautiful plant to start your growing journey, this plant, more commonly known as Bridal Bouquet, is the best option. You must learn the proper care protocol to ensure your plants bloom beautifully and you get beautiful good smelling flowers. 

It is okay if you do not live in the tropical regions; you can still grow the Plumeria plant. You need to ensure that you give the plant an appropriate growing environment. They are usually grown as small trees and even shrubs. 

Caring for your Bridal Bouquet Frangipani

Caring for the Bridal Bouquet is not very difficult. You do not have to struggle wildly, but you need to ensure that all its requirements are met. Give it adequate sunlight, and ensure it receives enough water and the right fertilizer. With a bit of care, your plant will grow beautifully. 


The Frangipani loves the sun, and you can keep it in direct sunlight for around 6-8 hours. If you take care of its sunlight requirements, the plant will show exceptional growth, and the flowers will bloom beautifully. You can keep it outdoors in the direct sun or under a window that receives direct sunlight. 


When selecting the soil, ensure it is well drained and acidic. The best soil choice is potting soil, mixed with a fast draining mixture, so it does not hold on to the water for a long time. You can also add a little pumice or perlite to the soil to help you with the drainage. A coarse mix will also be a good fit for the Bridal bouquet. 


When your plant is growing, it will need a lot of water. This is during spring and summer time. Other than that, the Plumeria flowers may damage if you water them. You must allow the soil to dry during summer before watering it again. To check the moisture level, you can check the dryness of the soil using your finger. You can ultimately hold off on watering your plants during winter. 


The Bridal Bouquet is a heavy feeder; if you keep the plant in a pot, you will need to add lots of fertilizers to ensure the flowers bloom. You can fertilize the plant once every three weeks or so when they are in their growing stage. However, you do not need to fertilize them at all during the winter months. 

Common Issues

Even though it is easy to grow the Bridal bouquet, there still may be some problems you may face when you start growing. Let’s explore some of the common issues of growing the Bridal Bouquet. 


Many different bugs infest the Bridal Bouquet. These bugs include scales, mealy bugs, and others. Typically, these insects suck on the sap of the leaves, and that can cause the leaves to wilt. This will not exactly kill the plant but can make it exceptionally weak. It would be best to look for solutions such as horticulture to ward off all the pests. 


Some of the most common diseases for Bridal Bouquet include Tip rot. This usually happens during the winter and can kill your plant if you are not too careful. 

The stem can also rot if your plant has a mushy base. This usually happens when your plant is overwatered. Moreover, it is possible that your plant is not blooming, which can be due to a lack of fertilizer. Make sure your plant has plenty of fertilizers. 


Pruning the plant depends on what kind of shape you want for it. If you keep it small, you can prune it as much as you want. These plants can tolerate heavy pruning. But when pruning, you need to keep in mind that the plant will not bloom right away. It would help if you used a pruning shear to get clean cuts. 


You can use stem cuttings if you want to propagate the Plumeria plant. Cut a branch, remove all its leaves, and then stick it into the soil for the plant to sprout. Make sure you water it enough and get the best fertilizers. 

Potting / Repotting

You do not have to re-pot the Plumeria plant as it does not grow too big. You can keep it in a pot and use well-draining soil to grow it. 


Additional information


10a, 10b, 11a, 11b, 9a, 9b

Sun Exposure

Full Sun, Partial Shade

Mature Height

6 ft – 8 ft


4 ft – 6 ft

18 reviews for Bridal Bouquet Frangipani

  1. Mareena (verified owner)

    It came looking healthy. Now the leaves are turning yellow. I didn’t transfer it into a new pot . Just following the instructions.

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    My plant has turned yellow, leaves are dropping off, flowers dying!! Help

  3. Connie (verified owner)

    My plants came beautifully wrapped and were still damp. Always get the best plants for Plant Vine

  4. Alice L. (verified owner)

    Has only lost about five to seven leaves and a couple of blossoms. Seems to be doing good. Will be planting next week!!! I love it!

  5. Krystal (verified owner)

    This was a gift for a friend but it was delivered in wonderful condition and even had blooms on it.

  6. JoAnn Snider (verified owner)

    The plant arrived very healthy looking. Exceeded my expectations.

  7. Ronald Cerri (verified owner)

    Plant came in great shape, could of used some planting instructions.

  8. victoria (verified owner)

    I’m hopeful and nervous…still in pot one has one leaf, the other doing beautifully with several stems

  9. Maria Belman (verified owner)

  10. Kesone Chanthavixay (verified owner)

    Awesome site. Definitely order more. Grewt services too

  11. Mai Outama (verified owner)

    Love my plant 🌱 can’t wait to see it bloom with lots of flowers ❤️

  12. Mai Outama (verified owner)

    My plant came in good condition ❤️ Can’t wait to see flowers blooming❤️ I will definitely order more plants from Plantvine❤️

  13. Alan (verified owner)

    My beautiful Bridal Bouquet Plumeria arrived in great shape. The plant had been well packaged for the trip! When it arrived the top was a little droopy but after a couple hours in the sun it perked right up! This is a beautiful healthy mature plant. I love it!

  14. Cristina Roy (verified owner)

  15. Pete

    how Long will it take for delivery of the large plumeria

  16. Rayona (verified owner)

  17. MICHAEL HO-LUNG (verified owner)

    Plants adapted well and are thriving.

  18. Renee Brown (verified owner)

    Arrived healthy and fine.

  19. Pete

    It’s Pete again when you say wintered does that just mean it needs to be brought indoors and put it in front of a window to get the sun it needs.

  20. Pete

    I’m guessing a plumeria won’t thrive in northern Wisconsin??

  21. Stefanie Bristol (verified owner)

    Help! My plumeria púdica (frangipani) is beginning to lose some of its leaves. The bottom ones are turning yellow (with spots) and then falling off. Does that mean it has mites? Or is it getting too much water? Or not enough?

  22. Mary F Gray

    I’m trying to find out if the plumeria is it poisonous tree we have children we love to pick flowers and dogs who love to eat them especially our old English bulldogs.

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Why others chose the Bridal Bouquet Frangipani

The plumeria is so easy to take care of and looks great.

Wanted these as these are also found in India. Great looking flower.

Anniversary gift for my wife, bringing back memories of our honeymoon in French Polynesia.

Heart shaped leaves

Saw this plant in Turks and Caicos and just loved it. Had to have one !

hardy and fabulous and unusual

Had one for years to grow into a beautiful small tree and I lost it in the freezing cold that Florida had last year