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Slash PinePinus elliottii


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Known as a Slash Pine, the Pinus Elliottii is actually atype of pine tree that is native to areas of the southeastern United States.You’ll find these trees growing in swampy, overgrown areas, which is where thename comes from, since these are often referred to as slashes in the ground.

Great for areas in zones 7-10, these trees are ideal foryour outdoor landscaping needs and are a very fast growing option that can getup to 98’ when completely grown. On average these trees may top out somewherearound 59’. They need moderate amounts of water and do best when the soil iskept somewhat damp or frequently watered.

Some people experience allergic reactions or increasedasthma being around these trees, with their needle-like leaves and theirred-brown cones. Similar to a loblolly pine or longleaf pine , these treesactually have larger cones as well as longer needles than the loblolly andsmaller cones and shorter needles than the longleaf.

Primarily found with tree plantations, some people do usethem for general horticulture where they can be a very nice looking option. 

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7a, 7b, 8a, 8b, 9a, 9b, 10a, 10b

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40, ft


-, 10, 8, ft

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