Pink Anthurium

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Scientific Name: Anthurium raeanum ‘Pink’

Common Names: Pink Anthurium, Flamingo Flower, Painted Tongue, Laceleaf

Overview: Anthurium are a great choice for those looking for a colorful addition to their indoor plant collection that is easy to care for and can thrive in a variety of settings. The anthurium is easily recognized by its distinctive spiral flowers that can come in a variety of colors. The flowers have a cylindrical spadix that can also come in a variety of colors depending on the specific cultivar.

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Anthuriums Offer Exotic and Unique Flowers To Brighten Any Collection

Native to South America, the Flaming flower is also known as the Anthurium and raeanum. It is a flowering plant that produces heart-shaped leaves with a waxy surface and same-shaped spathes with yellow spadices in the center. These plants are a popular choice for being house plants, and they are easy to maintain, and the flowers last for a long time. While the plant is easy to maintain, it still requires you to take good care so that you can get the rewards of your labor.

Caring for your Anthurium

The Flamingo Flower can add aesthetic value to your space, given that you take good care of the plant. If you need help knowing where to begin, follow this care guide to get all the necessary information.


The painted tongue plant requires medium or bright light, but you must make sure that it is indirect. These plants are not too fond of direct sunlight and might damage easily. Similarly, if you do not give them enough light, then it will stunt their growth, and the flowers will not bloom.

If you keep the plant indoors, you can keep it in front of a south-facing window to get maximum indirect sunlight.


Many gardeners have different opinions about the best soil choice for this plant. But there is a consensus opinion that says mixed soil would work best. You can mix perlite with peat moss and orchid potting mix. The soil should be well draining and must remain damp without being soggy so it can mimic the feel of the soil in the rain forest.


The Flamingo flower thrives best in medium moisture and likes to dry out before you water it next. But make sure you do not go over water and make the soil soggy, as the leaves may turn yellow if you overwater it. To check for moisture in the soil, you can dip your finger in it. If the soil is completely dry for two inches, then you should water it moderately. The leaves will dry out and turn brown if you do not water your plant enough.


If your plant is in its blossoming stage, then you can choose a slow-release fertilizer once every month, but it is best to avoid adding a lot of fertilizer in the winter months. Choose a water-soluble fertilizer to easily use for your flowering plant.

Common Issues

There are some common issues that you may experience with your flamingo flower. It is essential to know all the possibilities so you can take the proper care as needed.


Anthurium is susceptible to danger from pests like spider mites. You may find small white insects on your plant. To get rid of them, you must use an insecticide soap and apply it on the plant once every week.

You may also experience aphids. They are commonly found on the inner side of the leaves, and if you do not take care of them timely, they will affect all your indoor plants. Here again, it is best to use an insecticidal soap. 


Some of the most common diseases for the Flamingo flower include Bacterial blight and the wilting of the plant.

If your plant’s leaves are turning yellow, then that means that your plant is in highly humid conditions, and you need to limit the humidity. If the leaf veins are turning yellow, then that shows that you may be using unsanitary tools that have caused your plant to wilt. It is best to use clean tools and have fresh soil. 


There is no significant need to prune the flowering plant, but you can trim any dead leaves and flowers along with the foliage. When you prune the plant, make sure you use clean tools.


If you want to propagate the plant, you can divide a mature plant during springtime. It is best to separate the plant from the root and make multiple sections. Each section of the plant needs to have healthy roots and one leaf.


You will need to repot this plant every two years. The roots will outgrow the plant, and if you want to grow the plant well, you need to give your roots ample space so they can easily branch out.

When selecting a pot for repotting, you must ensure that they have holes at the bottom for good drainage and that your plants don’t rot.

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