Philodendron ‘Red Back’

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20 reviews for Philodendron ‘Red Back’

  1. joyce w. (verified owner)

    She is so cute full and healthy packed beautifully cannot be a girl to thick Love her.

  2. Doris Gallagher (verified owner)

    She’s beautiful see you soon thank you💜..

  3. James burks (verified owner)

  4. Matthew P. (verified owner)

    Arrived in excellent condition. I feel very confident in the company because they package their plants very well!

  5. Susan (verified owner)

    Beautiful, healthy and useful.

  6. Julie T. (verified owner)

    Gorgeous! I’m just starting my plant collection. I was hesitant to purchase plants that were being shipped. They were packaged very carefully and arrived in great condition. I’ve already placed a second order.

  7. Michael Cody (verified owner)

    Healthy and beautiful

  8. Michelle Duvernay (verified owner)

  9. Anonymous (verified owner)

  10. Ta-Tanisha Werts (verified owner)

    Plant arrived healthy and in great condition. I wish I could leave a picture. I can’t wait for it to start growing. She is a beauty.

  11. Mary Fleming (verified owner)

    Plant came in a timely manner a lot of the leaves were damaged wilted and had holes going thru them also box and plant itself had a heavy perfume smell I would think about returning plant but it will cost another ten dollars to get a new plant back to me

  12. Britni W. (verified owner)

    This plant arrived with tissue paper like leaves. They Disintegrated As soon as you touched them. I was really surprised and disappointed because I have ordered tons of plants before and I had never seen anything like this. Half the leaves have fallen off and I have only had the plant 3 days now. Each morning I wake up to find more on the floor. I have called and emailed to no avail.
    I Spoke with a representative from Plant Vine and they were very accommodating. They offered to replace the plant I received with another. The young lady I spoke with was patient as I selected another plant from their stock. I’m sure this one will be better. The plant receives a 1 but Plant Vine service gets a 5 from me.

  13. Darryl willis (verified owner)

  14. Vickie (verified owner)

    Arrived nicely packed. Love the plant.

  15. Veronica S. (verified owner)

    Love my new baby arrived intact

  16. Michael Simons (verified owner)

    Always rec red I’ve great plants from them.

  17. Anonymous (verified owner)

  18. Jaselyn R. (verified owner)

    I was feeling down with all that is happening and couldn’t really celebrate my birthday the way I wanted and couldn’t really be around many people. I love plants and they bring me soooo much joy!! I saw PlantVine’s site and all the beautiful plants they had available and it had great reviews and the prices was a deal! I couldn’t resist So I bought myself this plant baby Philodendron “Red Back” As a birthday gift to ME!!!! and I couldn’t be any happier 🙂 the size is amazing for a Medium plant and they looked just like the pictures. I recommend this site 100%

  19. Linda Evans (verified owner)

    Beautiful,healthy plant

  20. Christine Connolly (verified owner)

    Ur plants r always nice this one had a couple damaged leaves no big deal though this is my second red back ordered lam sure it will b just as good as the first one which has doubled in size the one just ordered will b a gift for my niece who saw the first one & loved it will b transplanting it into a nice pot today for her birthday by the way need to get ur fiddle leaf fig online soon thanks for everything 👍😀❤️

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Why others chose this plant.

A gift to myself for my birthday

Another beautiful to add to my plant family. I don't have this lovely plant yet.

Patio makeover

I bought this plant to add into my Philodendron collections and it looks so beautiful.

Addition to my philodendron plants

Love all philodendron plants and this color just caught my eye TJ add to my collection

One of my favorite plants I love the unique colors and shapes they have I have several snake plants and currently looking for my wishlist plant a WHALE FIN💚💚💚

They are hard to fine, colors are pretty

I wanted my big philodendron to have a baby!

Beginning my plant collection.

This is such an easy plant! Looks full and beautiful. Great houseplant. This is my 3rd one.

Adding to collection!

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joyce williams
1 year 9 months ago

I received my plant health and very full for a small plant it is gorgeous, whether big or small plant vine shipments are packed with love and care.