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Philodendron gloriosumPhilodendron gloriosum

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As of 5/17/2019 all Large Philodendron Gloriosum’s are currently on back order – please check back soon in June! Extra Large Gloriosum’s are currently ready to ship and are as full as the picture! 

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Use the proper amount for each pot size:
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8-10″ Pot: 1 Pack
12-14″ pot: 2 Packs

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Unlike others in its family, the Philodendron Gloriosum creeps along the ground rather than climbing up a support. Its iconic deep green leaves have bright white veins that stand out with pristine clarity. Ideally suited as a house plant or on the patio, its leaves can reach an impressive size of 36 inches.

Plant the Gloriosum in loose, well draining soil, but keep it damp. It will thrive in shade to semi-shade.

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10a, 10b, 11a, 11b

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Sun Exposure

Full Shade, Medium Shade, Partial Shade

Mature Height

12 in – 24 in


15 in – 18 in

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1 review for Philodendron gloriosumPhilodendron gloriosum

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    ggoing24 (verified owner)

    I ordered this plant back in 2018 after seeing it all over instagram and falling in love. It came excellently packaged and in great health. The size of the 3 gallon is tremendous. The leaves are big and beautiful. I also love that the shop sends pictures of the plants before they ship them to you so you know exactly what you are getting.

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Why others chose this plant.

This is the best price for this plant I have found.

Who doesn't love rare plants? lol

I already own a 3 gallon Gloriosum from them and needed another one :)

I wanted to get a larger Gloriosum because I love my 3 gallon so much :)

The beauty of the Philodendron Gloriosum is why I fell in love with my recent purchase, and I love beautiful plants..

One of my favorites, I want it for my new greenhouse wall


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1 month 25 days ago

How big is the extra large one?

1 month 23 days ago

Hi Sheila! The Extra Large Gloriosum’s are in a 7 gallon container. If you would like an image of one, please email our contact section and we will send you one. 🙂