Philodendron Bob Cee

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Scientific Name: Philodendron hederaceum x squamiferum ‘Bob Cee’

Common Names: Philodendron Bob Cee, Pinnate Philodendron

Overview: The Philodendron Bob Cee is an elegant and popular plant cherished for its lush foliage and graceful appearance. Its leaves are a striking shade of deep green, shaped like elongated arrows with multiple lobes that create a feather-like pattern. This plant’s unique pinnate structure gives it a distinctive and captivating appeal, making it a favorite among indoor and outdoor gardeners alike.

Pinnate Philodendron is relatively easy to care for, thriving in medium to bright indirect light and well-drained soil. With proper attention, it can grow into an impressive specimen, reaching heights of several feet. Its resilience makes it a great choice for beginner plant enthusiasts. Regular watering and occasional misting help maintain its health and beauty.

2 reviews for Philodendron Bob Cee

  1. Peggy Maki (verified owner)

    It is a total beauty as are all plants I purchase from you.

  2. Darrell Roberts (verified owner)

    Absolutely gorgeous. I love this plant.

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