Philodendron ‘Birkin’

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Scientific Name: Philodendron Birkin

Common Names: Birkin Plant

Overview: The Philodendron Birkin is a beautiful show-stopper plant that is easy to care for and the perfect accent to pretty much any space in need for some unique greenery. It is a slow growing plant that is characterized by its whispy white stripes on its glossy green leaves.

Recently Shipped Philodendron 'Birkin'


Philodendron ‘Birkin’

Birkin Philodendron is a rare and beautiful indoor plant with dark green leaves. These beautiful leaves have yellow marks that boost their appearance. Birkin is a truly unique plant and creates a creative feel in your home. 

These plants can get to more than 3 feet but grow slowly over several years. Some people also hang these plants instead of keeping them on the floor. They work best in every type of environment if you care for them.  

Whether you keep them alone in your house or incorporate them in your indoor garden, they look exceptionally well in your space. 


Philodendron Birkin was discovered in the early 17th century in Brazil’s rainforests. The word Philodendron means “tree lover” in Greek. ‘Philodendrons’ is an umbrella term for the 489 species- most of the plants are found in humid and tropical climates. 

Birkin doesn’t exist in the forest or wild. It is thought that this plant is a hybrid of the Green Leaf Philodendron and Rojo Congo, which are found in Thailand. Another theory suggests that this plant came into being due to the mutation of Rojo Congo. While there are so many stories attached to it, there are several things that still need to be cleared. 

Caring for your Birkin

The Birkin plant has pretty white stripes on its glossy green leaves. Many people are skeptical of growing these plants, believing they are difficult to manage. But the reality is the opposite. You can easily care for and maintain your plant by putting in little effort and energy. 


Birkin Philodendron grows in low light, but it doesn’t require direct sunlight. Then what’s make it the best house plant? You can keep it under any other type of light. This way, you can keep them near windowsills or any other place that allows sunrays to enter.


This plant prefers both dry and moist soil. You need to use soil that can stay moist for a few days but later dries out. The best soil for this plant is the combination of ingredients, like potting soil, perlite, and sphagnum moss. 


The Birkin plant is a thirsty plant and wants water when the soil gets dry. You can water this plant once a week. On top of that, the season doesn’t matter, as it can stay moist throughout the year. 


You need to fertilize it regularly to help it grow quickly. Therefore, fertilize it once each month. You can use balls, sticks, or liquid fertilizer to fertilize your plants. Of all of them, liquid fertilizers are ideal, as this plant loves to get moist. 

Common Issues

Like all the other plants, Birkin plants can develop several problems. 


Spider mites are one of the most common enemies of the Philodendron Birkin. These pests will create dot-shaped marks on your leaves. If you notice these signs, start pruning these leaves. Also, apply insecticidal soap to your plant for cleaning. Thrips can also damage your plant; again, use insecticidal soap to control this problem. 


Philodendron Birkin can develop fire blight or Erwinia blight. This disease can kill your plant and attack your lovely plant. 

When this problem increases, its leaves start to change color. In this case, start cutting the infected branches and leaves. Alcohol can also help you stop this problem- so apply it to your plant. 


You don’t need to prune your plant if it’s completely healthy. But if you notice any signs of infection and infestation, you should prune the infected leaves and branches. You can also cut the plant if it takes too much space in your house or office. 


You need to propagate your plant at any time from March to April. These plants don’t have flowers. This is why it’s easy to grow Birkin from the seeds. 

Potting / Repotting Your Philodendron Birkin

The rate of the growth of your plant decides how much you need to repot your plant. If the roots have covered the entire space in the pot, then it’s time to shift them to a bigger pot.  

Typically, you need to do it for at least a year. Also, make sure that your new pot is not bigger than your previous post, as it can stress out your plant. 

54 reviews for Philodendron ‘Birkin’

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

  2. tracy p. (verified owner)

    Full and beautiful! Plants came well packaged also. Will buy from Plant Vine again!

  3. Megan (verified owner)

    Beautiful plant! Great size for the price and arrived in great condition.

  4. Toni Prekker (verified owner)

  5. Ashlea Barnaby (verified owner)

  6. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great plant. Arrived promptly and in very good condition!

  7. Saundra S. (verified owner)

    The plants arrived in beautiful condition and weren’t shipped until the weather was okay for them. Love the service and the product

  8. Danny Hepler (verified owner)

    High quality plant, shipped with care.

  9. Anonymous (verified owner)

  10. Christian Reilly (verified owner)

  11. Erika Snow (verified owner)

  12. Anonymous (verified owner)

  13. Jennifer A. (verified owner)

    Plant was in great condition and packaged well.

  14. Jacob (verified owner)

    Plant came in perfect condition! I was happy the vendor waited to ship until temperatures warmed up – she looks great!

  15. Anna B. (verified owner)

    Beautiful, in perfect condition, nice & full ❤

  16. RENATT R CALHOUN (verified owner)

    Look good

  17. BW (verified owner)

    This is my first birkin and my specimen is beautiful.

  18. Kathleen M. (verified owner)

    Plant arrived quickly and in great shape!!

  19. Joyce S. (verified owner)

    will be ordering another soon

  20. Anonymous (verified owner)

    beautiful and healthy

  21. Kimberly-Ann M. (verified owner)

    A beautiful plant that arrived in perfect condition.

  22. BEVERLY D SINGLETON (verified owner)

    Stunningly beautiful, the variegation is great all the top leaves are nicely striped.

  23. Joanne S. (verified owner)

    Plant is very healthy and the size promised

  24. RENATT R CALHOUN (verified owner)

  25. Monique (verified owner)

    Stunning plant. Beautiful variegation and already sprouting new leaves.

  26. Eve K. (verified owner)

    This one was a disappointment. Much, much smaller than photo and had some broken leaves. Not worth the price.

  27. Elizabeth S. (verified owner)

    Unfortunately Baby Birken isn’t doing so good. Leaves are falling off and it is leaning backwards. I don’t know if it got shook up on the way home. The soil was real wet, I didnt even have to water her. I was gonna get it touch to find out what is wrong. I am a little worried. I love Philodandren as much as I love Sanseveria plants, I guess it’s because they don’t require to fuss and give up such beauty.

  28. Raymond S. (verified owner)

    Very reasonable, quality as all the plants that I get here!

  29. Maneda Harrington (verified owner)

    My plant was delivered perfectly and healthy.

  30. Ronald Bell (verified owner)

    Arrived healthy

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