White Fountain Grass

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Scientific Name: Pennisetum setaceum ‘Alba’

Common Names: White Fountain Grass

Overview: White Fountain Grass, scientifically known as ‘Pennisetum setaceum ‘Alba”, is a stunning ornamental grass that brings an elegant, airy touch to any garden space. Originating from the open, scrubby habitats of East Africa and was later introduced to the Australian plains, it has adapted beautifully to a variety of climates. This variety is characterized by its graceful, arching clumps of slender, green foliage, reaching up to 2-3 feet in height and width. During summer and fall, it produces showy, fluffy white plumes that rise above the foliage, creating a striking contrast. These plumes can extend up to 4 feet tall, swaying gently in the breeze like a fountain of soft, white feathers.

White Fountain Grass thrives in full sun and prefers well-draining soil. It’s drought-tolerant once established, making it a low-maintenance choice for xeriscaping or dry gardens. This grass is ideal for adding texture and movement to borders, beds, and containers, and its plumes are lovely in fresh or dried floral arrangements. As a non-invasive variety, it’s a responsible choice for gardeners looking for ecological sustainability.

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