Musa acuminata ‘Ice Cream’, Banana ‘Blue Java’

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A Blue Banana That Tastes Like Vanilla Ice Cream – A Treat for Your Eyes & Your Palate

The ‘Blue Java’ Banana tree is unique. This fast-growing, cold-tolerant marvel from Asia and the South Pacific actually produces blue bananas that taste exactly like vanilla ice cream or custard. Many folks like to pick the ripe bananas and pop them in their mouths. Others suggest mixing the bananas into a smoothie or freezing them to make an all-natural ice cream alternative.

While you’re waiting for the fabulous treat to grow, you’re rewarded with a great looking addition to your yard. The tree showcases gigantic lime green leaves and a stout, sturdy trunk. Smart gardeners know the Blue Java’s well-developed root system will hold up well against the elements. The tree is happiest in moist soil and part to full sun.

Additional information


10a, 10b, 11a, 9b

Sun Exposure

Full Sun

Mature Height

8 ft – 15 ft


3 ft – 8 ft

5 reviews for Musa acuminata ‘Ice Cream’, Banana ‘Blue Java’

  1. Charles L Wisenbaker (verified owner)

    From Lake Park, GA, my ice cream banana has been planted for a week now and has grown a foot!

  2. Matt Bruno (verified owner)

    Another great plant from plant vine. Thanks plant vine!!

  3. Juana M. (verified owner)

    It looks exactly like the picture. I’m looking forward to watching it grow. It’s a very beautiful plant.

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

  5. Jesse B (verified owner)

    I was really worried about shipping this thing 1000 miles. FedEx ended up losing it and I was convinced I’d be left with a stalk when it got here. Well, I was wrong. It had 2 leaves. It’d be short timer, I was convinced. Fast forward a month. It’s added 6 new leaves (which my daughter loves documenting) and has added at least a foot of growth too. I wish I could rate this 6 stars.

    Follow the instructions on the site and give yourself plenty of lead time and you’ll be extremely happy with your purchase. The follow up emails on care from Plantvine have been excellent as well.

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Why others chose this plant.

I’m attracted to giant leaves :)

I feel like this is the perfect plant for me because it’s low maintenance and it’s unique. I’m totally looking forward to seeing it grow .

Love fruit trees, banana completes my collection

The one I bought last year was giant!

I've been wanting this plant for a while. I can't wait to see show my friends blue bananas!!!

Got something to discuss?

Sherry Shaw
2 years 20 days ago

Pollination. How is Blue Java Banana pollinated? Need I buy a male or female companion?

2 years 20 days ago

Hi Sherry, the Ice Cream Banana should self pollinate.

David Munsell
1 year 11 months ago

Can this banana be grown in a container? If so, how large does the container need to be and how tall will it get?

1 year 11 months ago

Hi David,

This banana can be grown in a container if chosen to. If purchasing the large, you should repot this into a pot that is larger then 14″ in diameter.

1 year 10 months ago

How long will it take for the 4-5′ plant to bear fruit?

1 year 10 months ago

Hi Delaine! They usually fruit between a year to a year and a half. Bear in mind that environmental conditions affects fruiting.

Steve G
1 year 10 months ago

I live in the Northeast. Can I grown this indoors? If so, how tall will it get?

1 year 10 months ago

Hi Steve, for this particular banana, we suggest that it be grown in a container for your patio and brought in during the cold months to your home or greenhouse. This particular plant is a full sun plant and would not do good as a house plant.