Murcott Tangerine

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Scientific Name: Citrus reticulata ‘Murcott’

Common Names: Murcott’s Tangerine, Honey Tangerine

Overview: Murcott Tangerine, also known as Honey Tangerine or Murcott Mandarin, is a delightful citrus fruit renowned for its sweet and tangy flavor. It is a hybrid variety derived from the mandarin orange and the sweet orange, resulting in a unique taste that is both refreshing and aromatic.

The Murcott Tangerine features a thin, smooth, and easy-to-peel skin, revealing juicy and seedless segments inside. Its vibrant orange color and luscious texture make it a visually appealing fruit. With a balance of sweetness and acidity, the Murcott Tangerine is cherished for its complex flavor profile.

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Whether enjoyed fresh, juiced, or used in various culinary creations, the Murcott Tangerine is a delicious and versatile fruit that brings a burst of sunshine to the palate.

Caring for a Murcott Tangerine tree involves providing it with well-drained soil, regular watering, and ample sunlight. These trees thrive in subtropical and warm temperate climates. Harvesting typically occurs during the winter months, making it a popular fruit choice during the holiday season.

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