Crocodile Fern

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Scientific Name: Microsorum musifolium

Common Names: Crocodile Fern, Crocodylus Fern

Overview: Crocodile Fern is an extraordinary fern known for its unique leaf texture and named for its striking resemblance to crocodile skin on its long, glossy fronds. Native to Australia, this exotic fern brings a touch of the wild into your home or garden. Growing happily in indirect light and appreciating a humid environment, the Crocodile Fern can thrive in bathrooms or near kitchen sinks, where moisture is plentiful. It’s an ideal choice for those who want to add texture and depth to their plant collection without requiring intense care.

5 reviews for Crocodile Fern

  1. Mariel Bredbenner (verified owner)

  2. Cornelius Thomas (verified owner)

  3. WILSON GORRELL (verified owner)

  4. Valerie Reed (verified owner)

    My plants are beautiful! Very healthy! Will be ordering more from you!

  5. Evan C. (verified owner)

    Two big beautiful crocodile ferns arrived safely packed and in excellent condition! They were of great value and are now our favorite in plants among the 100s we own. PlantVine hit a grand slam! They exceeded our expectations!

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