Justicia brandegeana, Shrimp Plant – Red, Beloperone guttata

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Recently Shipped Justicia brandegeana, Shrimp Plant - Red, Beloperone guttata


This Shrimp Packs a Big Color Punch

One look at its rosy-pink flowers, and any doubt about how the Shrimp Plant got its name vanishes. A fast grower – reaching up to 6 ft. tall – the Shrimp blooms easily, and can be pruned into a bushy shape.

Native to Mexico, the Shrimp Plant is a frost-tender evergreen that prefers moist, well drained soil in partial shade. Its colorful flower bracts may actually bleach out in full sun. Hummingbirds and butterflies are drawn to the white flower inside its bracts. Container friendly, use the Shrimp indoors to brighten up a room.

Additional information


10a, 10b, 11a, 8a, 8b, 9a, 9b

Sun Exposure

Full Sun, Partial Shade

Mature Height

2 ft – 3 ft


2 ft – 3 ft

17 reviews for Justicia brandegeana, Shrimp Plant – Red, Beloperone guttata

  1. Ginette (verified owner)

    Another absolutely beautiful shrimp plant from Plant Vine!!!!….. I got one from them three months ago and it’s doing so well I ordered another!!… Very happy!! Thank you!

  2. Kim Heard (verified owner)

    My plant arrived timely and well packed. Due to unexpected frosty nights here in Michigan, per the included instructions, it is temporarily sitting inside in front of a sunny window. I can’t wait to include this addition to my hummingbird feast!

  3. Richard (verified owner)

    arrived in great condition like last years will buy from you again

  4. christina johnson (verified owner)

    I bought two shrimp trees they were both in perfect condition when I received them because, they were packaged so well, have had them for almost a week and are both beautiful

  5. MIchelle L Jones (verified owner)

  6. Ginette (verified owner)

    My beautiful, shrimp plant, came to me exactly like the picture I was shown!!… It’s very healthy, I’ve already transplanted it now that I’ve had it for a week… And it’s thriving!… Thank you so much!

  7. Shirley Kelton (verified owner)

  8. Pamela Morris (verified owner)

    Wow, my plants are beautiful, ready to be showcasesdright out of the box.

    Great job on the shipping, fast and the plants were packaged great.

    I wish I could post a picture.

    Thanks for once more coming through with awesome plants for me guys!

  9. Hannah Johnson (verified owner)

    I LOVE my beautiful shrimp plants! My hummingbirds are already sipping away. The plants arrived in beautiful condition even given the hot weather. I’ll definitely be ordering more from Plant Vine!

  10. Robin (verified owner)

    Flowering and healthy.

  11. Richard Perhach (verified owner)

    arrived in perfect condition will buy from you again

  12. Anonymous (verified owner)

  13. Mary Sony (verified owner)

    It looks great so far

  14. Anonymous (verified owner)

  15. Desiree (verified owner)

    This plant is for my son ( open house gift). He is allergic to shellfish, so I thought he’d enjoy these shrimp!!!! H e was very excited to take the plant to his home. Quite the conversation piece!!

  16. Kathy (verified owner)

    Arrived on time and was packaged well

  17. Margaret Oconnor (verified owner)

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Why others chose the Justicia brandegeana, Shrimp Plant – Red, Beloperone guttata

The hummingbirds like it .

There beautiful and the hummingbirds love them.

My son just bought his first home & hes allergic to shellfish so I bought him this plant. This way he won't break out in hives!!!! LOL