Juniperus scopulorum ‘Wichita Blue’, Rocky Mountain Juniper

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Mature Height

12ft – 20ft


15ft – 30ft

1 review for Juniperus scopulorum ‘Wichita Blue’, Rocky Mountain Juniper

  1. Christopher (verified owner)

    Minor delay coming over in the Arizona 99 degree heat but plants were in perfect, and I mean perfect condition and the wet paper kept the soil in the pots moist enough. The condition of all 4 plants was flawless , even the form was in perfect shape as good or in some cases better than being at a live nursery. It is too hot to expose them to any sun so I will keep them in semi shade for 2-3 weeks before I transplant them, this small they are not ready for the 100+ Arizona heat coming in a few weeks. Not one brown area or even one brown branch so I need to keep it that way. Within 15 minutes after their arrival I was online ordering 3 more plants

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