Chinese Juniper ‘Torulosa’

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Scientific Name: Juniperus chinensis ‘Torulosa’

Common Names: Hollywood Juniper, Chinese Juniper ‘Torulosa’, Torulosa Cypress

Overview: This evergreen shrub has dense branches, and the branches have sharp pointed needles. There is a lot that you can use the Chinese Juniper for. It is a tough plant and can easily survive outdoors. The Torulosa variety, or Hollwood Juniper as it sometimes called because of its ability to thrive in dry Southern California climates, is characterized by dense green foliage and branches that form twists and curls as it matures.

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Perfect for Hedges and Landscaping, or an Ornamental with an Asian Accent

The Juniperus Chinensis is an evergreen plant native to countries in East Asia. It is an ornamental plant used to increase the beauty of your gardens or the entrances of your homes. It is typically a tough plant with blue green or varieagted foliage that adds more to its beautiful structure. Many people grow these small trees for their aesthetical value and use them as screens and hedges.

Caring for Chinese Jupiter

Chinese Juniper are not difficult to care for. These plants are sturdy and not susceptible to damage easily. They can even tolerate drought conditions; the most important thing to remember is that you need to be careful in the initial stages of the plant’s growth. Once the plant grows, you will not have to worry about its care.


Chinensis loves the full sun and grows to its maximum potential when it gets direct sunlight. When planting it, you must ensure that it receives a minimum of six hours of direct sunlight. Keeping it outdoors is the best idea.


The plant is not very selective when it comes to soil choice. It can thrive in different kinds of soil. You can choose the soil from different options such as clay, rocky and sandy. However, for maximum growth, you need to keep it in the average garden soil that is slightly acidic. This will give the plant the right environment to grow. Other than that, the soil needs good drainage, so there is no chance of root rot.


To grow the Chinese Juniper, you need to have moderately moist soil. When the plant is young, you can water it more than once during the week, and when it starts to grow, you can reduce the frequency. If you do not live in an extremely dry climate, you will not have to water the grown plant. The fully grown plant does not mind if the soil is dry and will continue to grow properly.


Chinese Juniper does not require a lot of fertilizer to grow properly. These plants are sturdy and can survive even if the soil is not rich in nutrients. However, if you want to give your plant the best environment, you can add fertilizer to your soil and boost its growth. You can add fertilizer annually, once, or twice every two to three years. A slow-release fertilizer is your best choice.

Common Issues

Even though the Chinese Juniper is a very unproblematic plant, you might still face some issues. Taking care of your plant is important if you want it to grow to its full potential. Here are some common issues that you must resolve when growing the Chinese Juniper.


Different pests can be dangerous to the Chinese Juniper. For instance, Leaf miners are the most common type of pests that harm the Chinese Juniper. Leaf miners are larvae of different insects, such as moths and beetles. They can lay eggs inside the leaves, which will affect the leaves of the plant and the tree’s growth. Other pests include caterpillars; they feed on the leaves and can cause great destruction.


Not many diseases affect the Chinese Juniper, but the Phomopsis Blight is a common disease that affects the leaves of the plants. Other than that, fungus is also common, and it is important for all plant owners to use a fungicide to get rid of all the fungus.


When pruning the Chinensis, you need to remove all the dead branches and other parts of the plant that do not contribute to the growth. When you remove all the dead parts, that will help improve the growth. When pruning, try to remove the dead branches closer to the trunk. This way, you will be able to keep the plant in shape and consequently boost its growth. Be sure to use sharp pruning shears, so you don’t stun the growth.


When propagating the plant, you need to find the right container so that your plant has plenty of space to grow. When the plant outgrows the container, you can gently separate the roots and move them to a significantly bigger container. Rake the roots apart if they are clumped together. If you have a larger shrub, you can build a water well for it to grow to its full potential.


When repotting the plant, you need to be very careful of the roots. Make sure they develop into the soil properly. These plants are usually used as hedges or for ornamental sake; because of that, you may not have the need to report them at all.

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10a, 10b, 11a, 5b, 6a, 6b, 7a, 7b, 8a, 8b, 9a, 9b

Mature Height

10ft – 15ft


6ft – 10ft

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    My plants ” Hollywood junipers” arrived in very good condition. It took awhile, bout 3 weeks. But if your not in a rush they have good qaulity. I will buy again. Thanks plant vine.

  2. Mark R C. (verified owner)

    Healthy deep green color well packed. Thanks

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