Heart-Shaped Hoya Australis

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Hoya plants go by various names, such as wax flowers, wax vines, porcelain flowers, etc. The names typically describe the appearance of the Hoya plants. The Hoya plants are famous for their small and fragrant star-shaped flowers.

Hoya Pubicalyx’s delicate flowers grow in clusters and smell enchantingly sweet. The plant blooms with pink and red flowers, adding a lovely color to the overall appearance. The blooms are the reason these plants are also called Porcelain Flowers. Similarly, they are called Wax Plants due to the waxy foliage that helps these plants tolerate a certain amount of neglect.

Caring for your Hoya

Hoya Pubicalyx is a tropical plant with few care requirements that help them thrive. However, boosting this evergreen perennial’s growth is incredibly easy. They demand a humid environment with bright, indirect sunlight and slight watering. Here is the recipe to ensure your Wax Plants flourishes without trouble.


Wax Plants thrive best in medium to bright indirect light. When growing this plant indoors, you want to find a spot near a window that receives plenty of sunlight. However, protect it from direct sun rays, as they can harm the leaves. Artificial indoor plant lights can work well if you do not get sufficient sunlight inside your home.

Growing Hoya Pubicalyx outdoors can present challenges, especially if you have a sunny porch. In that case, you will need to use a shade cloth to filter the sunlight. However, you must ensure your plant gets up to six hours of indirect sunlight daily.


Hoya Pubicalyx prefers soil rich in organic matter. Although it is a climber plant, the perennial loves to stay root-bound and thrive on organic nutrients. It grows best in loamy and well-draining soil. To make the best soil mixture for your wax plant, consider mixing equal parts of perlite, orchid mix, and coco coir. It helps create the perfect mixture for proper drainage.


Hoya plants, including the Hoya Pubicalyx, love water. The most important aspect of taking care of these plants is watering. During the spring and summer, they need regular watering, around once a week. During the winter, this plant needs watering every few weeks.

Check the top 2 inches of soil to determine when your Hoya Pubicalyx needs to be watered. It is typically time to water if the soil is dried out.

However, the more light your plant gets, the more you will have to water it. Do not allow it to sit in standing water. Dropping leaves signify that you are overwatering the wax plant. Similarly, the plant might be thirsty if the leaves begin to wrinkle and look crepey.


Hoya Pubicalyx plants do not require fertilizer, like most other waxy vines. However, you can boost their growth and maintain excellent health by adding worm castings to their soil.

Common Issues

Like all houseplants, Porcelain Flower is susceptible to certain pests and diseases.


Aphids are the most common pests that affect Hoya Pubicalyx. They survive on the sweet juices of the plant. However, you can easily control them with common insecticide sprays, neem oil, or insecticidal soap. You can deal with Mealybugs infestations in the same way. Another common problem is spiders and mites, but regularly misting your plant can protect it from an infestation.


It is crucial to water your Hoya Pubicalyx well during the growing season. However, you want to avoid overwatering and keep the soil from being too wet. Dampened soil can leave the Hoya Pubicalyx susceptible to root rot and other fungi diseases.


Like most houseplants, Hoya Pubicalyx does not require much pruning. However, it gives the plant shape, making it look good and healthy.

It could contribute to the aesthetic appeal of your wax plant. Pruning your plant during the growing season will fix any developing structural issues and encourage fresh, wholesome, and vivacious development.

It also eliminates unhealthy stems and dead or damaged leaves. Keep in mind that healthy Hoya plants are much less likely to attract pests and diseases.


You can quickly propagate a Wax Plant using stem cuttings. Spring or summer is the best time to propagate your mature Hoya Pubicalyx to create more plants. Start by taking a five-inch cutting with three nodes. Then, remove all the leaves on the cutting from the bottom end. 

Now you want to plant this cutting in a pot with fresh soil. Make sure the nodes are at least four inches deep in the potting soil. Keep the plant in a humid and warm place where it does not receive direct sunlight. Keep watering it thrice a week, ensuring the soil stays moist.

Potting/ Repotting

Repotting your Hoya Pubicalyx is straightforward. Find a pot larger than the previous one. Make sure you are extremely gentle when shifting your mature plant to its new home.

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