Hamelia patens, Firebush, Hummingbird Bush

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Recently Shipped Hamelia patens, Firebush, Hummingbird Bush


The Perfect Drought Tolerant Bush with Color for Your Garden

The Hamelia Patens, better known as a Firebush or Hummingbird Bush, has colors that explain its name in one glorious look. Brightred and orange flowers ignite your garden in the summer and fall.

True to its fiery name, the Firebush is extremely droughttolerant. Trust us, you’ll never have to worry about this hardy plant thrivingin the heat. Make sure to place it in a spot with high soil drainage. It’sgreat for full sun or partially shaded locations, and needs very little pruningand shearing.

The Firebush even rewards you with small fruits which areeaten and made into a drink in its native Mexico. Some wise gardeners also useits leaves and stems for herbal medicines.

Additional information


10a, 10b, 11a, 8a, 8b, 9a, 9b

Sun Exposure

Full Sun, Partial Shade

Mature Height

12 in – 36 in


4 ft – 6 ft

16 reviews for Hamelia patens, Firebush, Hummingbird Bush

  1. BARBARA (verified owner)

    Very nice plants

  2. Kim Hill (verified owner)

    Beautiful healthy plants

  3. Lizabeth Moyer (verified owner)

    Arrived in good condition considering how hot it is in Texas. Very pleased

  4. Catherine (verified owner)

    I was very pleased with the overall service and plant that I received. The plant arrived healthy and beautiful, even with some blooms on it. I would definitely recommend PlantVine!

  5. Charles (verified owner)

    I received the plants in good condition

  6. Cora DeGuzman

    Will this plant survive in Las Vegas Nevada at hot summer weather?

  7. Margaret P. (verified owner)

    Large and blooming

  8. Pam L. (verified owner)

    Can’t waiting to see what our hummers think of this bush when it starts blooming.

  9. Peggy G. (verified owner)

    At this point it’s everything I had expected. Thanks a bunch.

  10. Lois J (verified owner)

    Healthy and beautiful, Hummingbirds found them already!

  11. suzanne wulff (verified owner)

    We lost our hummingbird bush this year that we really loved and could not find one to replace it locally. We decided to try PlantVine and were so please when it arrived swiftly, completely intact and gorgeous. It was also very reasonably priced. Highly recommend them and their products.

  12. Peggy Robin (verified owner)

    The firebush made it here healthy and beautiful! It looks so healthy. We can’t wait until it’s planted in it’s new “home” and having hummingbird visitors. Thank you, nice people at PlantVine. <3

  13. Helen Caffrey (verified owner)

    Though it took longer than expected to be shipped, it is healthy, well balance and perfect for our butterfly hummingbird garden.

  14. Laura (verified owner)

    My plants arrived in excellent condition.
    I would surly order from you again.
    Thank you for such great service.

  15. Louis (verified owner)

    Very nice. Came quick. Would recommend to people.

  16. Randee W. (verified owner)

    The plants arrived healthy and beautiful. Two weeks later they are growing and thriving. Highly recommend!

  17. ANTONIO MCCUMBER (verified owner)

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Why others chose the Hamelia patens, Firebush, Hummingbird Bush

Live in S. Florida. Need more butterfly bushes in garden. Hummingbirds too...yippeeee!!

Love to see the hummingbirds flying in to the flowers, also the fire Bush is a very beautiful flower its orange in color, I absolutely love it.

I lost my 15-year old gorgeous bush in the Texas hard freeze The butterflies and hummers are already complaining and I do not want to lose them!!