Ficus elastica ‘Burgundy’

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Scientific Name: Ficus elastica ‘Burgundy’

Common Name: Burgundy Ficus, Burgundy Indian Rubber Tree, Burgundy Fig

Overview: Ficus burgundy, also known as Ficus elastica burgundy, is a popular cultivar of the Rubber Tree plant that is prized for its striking and unique burgundy-colored foliage. It is a relatively easy plant to care for and prefers bright, indirect light and well-draining soil that is kept consistently moist. Ficus burgundy is a moderate grower and can reach up to six feet tall in ideal conditions.


This Dark Foliaged Beauty will Make You Green with Envy

Native to Northeast India, the rubber plant has become a very popular houseplant because it’s easy to grow and exotic. The Ficus elastica plants were called “Rubber Plants” because their sap was once used to produce low quality rubber. The Burgundy variety is prized for its maroon and green glossy leaves. New growth is colorful with hues of red and pink. This is a fast growing and easy to care for plant. This plant is one of the ten variations of the ficus elastic plant. To keep this plant indoors, you need plenty of room because it can grow quite large and bushy. When placed outdoors, these large rubber trees can grow up to 80 feet in length. Nonetheless, this is an indoor plant that works as an incredible air purifier and adds beauty to your indoor space.

Caring for Your Burgundy Plant

Ficus burgundy adapts incredibly well to indoor climates. This is why many people around the world will grow it as an ornamental plant. Nonetheless, be careful of some of the care measures.


By textbook, this plant requires bright areas and enjoys plenty of sunlight. However, direct and intense sunlight can also be damaging to the plant. Overall, you can keep place the plant in areas around your house that experience medium intensity light.

On the other hand, you can also place it in a balcony or areas facing the window that experience constant filtered sunlight. The late afternoon and early morning sunlight are optimum, and keeping it under direct noon sunlight can burn the leaves.


When it comes to watering, the plant is tolerant to under watering conditions. This means that watering this plant once every week should cause no harm to it, as long as you provide it with good nutrition and sunlight.

Therefore, to keep it healthy, you must water this plant every three to four days. When watering this plant, make sure that the pot is porous. Then, make sure that the water sinks through the holes after you provide it with moisture. This will ensure that you have thoroughly provided moisture to each root.


Adding fertilizer will be significant in improving the growth of the plant. When you keep the plant in a pot and water it, the water drains out along with some of the essential nutrients and salts. You have to add fertilizer to improve the nutrient quantity and replenish the soil.

For the burgundy rubber tree, you do not have to be very specific with the fertilizer, and you can use any kind. Whether it is compost, seaweed solution, or chemical fertilizer, they should all do the trick. The general rule of thumb is to apply the fertilizer once a month or once every 40 days or so during the growing season.

Common Issues

Most of the ficus plants are prone to bacterial and fungal attacks. Common causes for that can be misting and pets that bring about the disease. The infestations that you should watch out for include aphids, scale, spider mites, and thrips.


When propagating ficus burgundy, make sure that you use sterile cutting equipment. You will also notice that this plant is easy to propagate because it has many aerial roots. Moreover, it is also highly durable and strong.


Cutting the stem from the top of the plant will help improve the growth of the plant. Even though this method can be a little painful, however, keep in mind that this is an important step as it allows the plant to grow more densely.

Without pruning, the plant will continue to grow vertically, and this can be troublesome for indoor locations. Furthermore, the rate of growth is also likely to slow down. Hence, pruning will help the plant grow faster.

Potting / Repotting and Soil

If you will repot this plant, it is recommended that you replace the soil with a 50 percent indoor potting mix, along with a 50 percent cactus.

You can also add three gallons or one cup of Perlite, depending on the pot size. Perlite helps add airflow to the soil, and this helps make it breathable. Overall, since the burgundy root tree does not have a complex root system, it can be easy to pot and repot.


Additional information


10b, 11a

Sun Exposure

Partial Shade

Mature Height

15 ft – 20 ft


3 ft – 4 ft

119 reviews for Ficus elastica ‘Burgundy’

  1. Tara (verified owner)

    Absolutely LOVED this. Ordered XL and plant came in great condition and very timely. Would order from here again.

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    Fantastic. Healthy. Far exceeded my expectations.

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    Love 💕😘

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    OMG. I am so happy I found this wonderful site. My plants were delivered quickly and they were all healthy and strong. I will definitely order again!!!

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    Pretty and unique. Thriving since being delivered.

  9. Benjamin Vestal (verified owner)

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  11. Carla (verified owner)

    The plant was received in excellent condition

  12. Dee

    Hi can you tell me how many stems come in a medium plant and what size is the pot?

  13. Alisa (verified owner)

    Love this plant. Arrived in great condition and with new growth. Still doing well after 3 months of being delivered.

  14. Ekaterina Gudkina (verified owner)

    The plant is beautiful and doing very well.

  15. Denis k. BOLOUVI (verified owner)

  16. Jacqueline (verified owner)

    The rubber plant came wrapped well and is a healthy plant with new growth.

  17. Kimberly-Ann M. (verified owner)

    I’m madly in love with this Burgundy Rubber Plant. I received the larger size and absolutely adore it. Arrived in beautiful condition.

  18. Sherry McClung (verified owner)

  19. Niomi (verified owner)

    I always wanted this plant. Im so happy I purchased it. Taller and more leaves than what I expected. Healthy too.

  20. Alexisa H. (verified owner)

    Came in great shape with no damage. Very beautiful definitely worth every penny

  21. Patricia Herbert (verified owner)

    So far so good

  22. Sarah (verified owner)

  23. Kristen (verified owner)

    So beautiful and XL is HUGE! Definitely the queen of my plant collection. So in love. Thank you.

  24. Gerald (verified owner)

    Fast delivery… Very healthy plant💪🏾

  25. Corbin (verified owner)

    Has two new leaves after a week. Healthy plant!

  26. Melissa C. (verified owner)

    Arrived nicely packaged. Bought it for a friend. She loves it!

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    Happy with this purchase. Good sized plant and healthy too.

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