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1 Gallon

Weeping FigFicus benjamina ‘Wintergreen’


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1 gallons are available in:

  • Standard (Tree)-Braided Trunk

3 gallons are available in:

  • Standard (Tree): 3 to 4 Feet Tall
  • Standard (Tree)-Braided: Approx. 3 Feet Braided Trunk

7 gallons are available in:

  • Standard (Tree): 5-6 Feet
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Native to Asia and Australia, Ficus benjamina is an extremely popular indoor plant thanks to its beautiful glossy, green leaves, which adorn branchlets that droop gracefully from the main trunk. In Summer, small cream or yellow flowers will bloom, which will give way to orange, spherical figs that will reach around an inch in diameter. It can reach heights of 6 to 12 feet when grown indoors, but as a slow-growing tree, it can take between 10-20 years to reach its full height.

Although it is probably best suited to growing indoors or in a greenhouse, they do prefer a humid environment. When grown outdoor it should be placed in a spot that receives full sun, and potted in a humus rich, moist and well-drained soil. During growing season, they should be fed with a liquid fertilizer every two weeks, and this should be reduced to every 6 weeks in the dormant months of October to February. The Ficus benjamina is very susceptible to environment changes, particularly changes in light, and they will lose their leaves in a response to adverse conditions, shedding of leaves should serve as a warning sign that immediate action needs to be taken to restore the plant to full health.

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The Wintergreen Weeping Fig's are a beautiful trees and are very easy to maintain as a houseplant.


Our Landscape person said that is is good for an office as an interior plant.


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