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This Valentine’s Day, express your love with the exotic allure of the Aglaonema ‘Red Siam’, elegantly housed in a Meseta Premium Planter and accompanied by a charming stuffed plush plant. This stunning duo is a symbol of enduring affection and the unique beauty of love. The Aglaonema ‘Red Siam’, commonly known as the Chinese Evergreen, is a mesmerizing houseplant that captivates with its vibrant red and green foliage. The striking contrast of colors on its leaves evokes the essence of a passionate love, making it an ideal Valentine’s Day gift.

Nestled within the sophisticated Meseta Premium Planter, the ‘Red Siam’ is not only a visual delight but also benefits from the planter’s design, which promotes healthy growth. The planter’s sleek lines and modern aesthetic enhance the plant’s natural beauty, creating a stunning display that’s sure to capture the heart.

The addition of a stuffed plush plant in this Valentine’s Day package adds a touch of whimsy and joy. This soft, huggable companion mirrors the comforting presence of the ‘Red Siam’ and is an adorable reminder of the bond shared between loved ones. Together, the Aglaonema ‘Red Siam’ in its Meseta Premium Planter and the plush plant create a heartwarming Valentine’s Day gift. They represent the growth, resilience, and beauty of love, offering a unique and lasting way to convey your deepest affections. You can even add on your own personalized Greeting Card as well.

Each Gift Bundle includes:

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