Epipremnum aureum, Golden Pothos Vine

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Terracotta 8″ Planter

Each pot is handcrafted Italian Terracotta and is unglazed for a distinct finish, giving off a modern-rustic appeal that can transform your space in minutes.

  • Includes drainage hole
  • Pot is perfect for our medium plants
  • Every pot is unique and may have imperfections
  • Size: 8″ wide X 6.75″ tall
  • Includes terracotta saucer

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Other Common Names

Devil’s Ivy, Centipede Vine

Additional information


10a, 10b, 11a

Sun Exposure

Medium Shade

Mature Height

6 in – 12 in


12 in – 15 in

46 reviews for Epipremnum aureum, Golden Pothos Vine

  1. Julie T. (verified owner)

    Gorgeous! I’m just starting my plant collection. I was hesitant to purchase plants that were being shipped. They were packaged very carefully and arrived in great condition. I’ve already placed a second order.

  2. Roman Kharkovski (verified owner)

    Plants are in great shape. Look very healthy and well packed.

  3. Ashley Alexander (verified owner)

    Its beautiful and all in one piece!

  4. Claudia F. (verified owner)

    Beautiful plant and came in great condition!

  5. Barbara L. (verified owner)

    Very nice

  6. alyssa decastro (verified owner)

    i love it!!

  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

  8. Heather B. (verified owner)

    Gorgeous! This was by far my favorite. It was so full and already had many long tendrils that hung over the side. It’s colors are beautiful, it seems bouncy, shiny and healthy. Also it was much larger than I expected!

  9. Will (verified owner)

    Looks great

  10. MICHELLE (verified owner)


  11. Anonymous (verified owner)

  12. VALENCIA (verified owner)

  13. Anonymous (verified owner)

  14. Amira A. (verified owner)

    Plant is beautiful!

  15. Jennifer E. (verified owner)

    Plant is GORGEOUS and arrived well-packaged and on time. I appreciated the email updates regarding plant delivery (considering the extended delivery times during quarantine) and even the pictures of the plant before shipment. I will absolutely be considering Plantvine again for future houseplant purchases!

  16. Tiffany P. (verified owner)

  17. Celina (verified owner)


  18. Anonymous (verified owner)

  19. William Axford (verified owner)

  20. Linda Horgan (verified owner)

  21. Jeanie Martin (verified owner)

  22. Alaina G. (verified owner)

    Beautiful and healthy looking! Now hopefully i can keep it alive

  23. Zonia (verified owner)

    Beautiful plant in good condition. It has alot of leaves in it. So it should grow into a lush and full plant.

  24. Natasha C. (verified owner)

    I had been debating buying this pothos plants for a month or so, glad I finally decided to buy it. It was probably the healthiest plant I’ve ever received by mail and was well cared for and packaged well for shipping, it is thriving in my sunroom!

  25. Loraine Wright (verified owner)

  26. Barbara (verified owner)

    Healthy no broken vines. Overall I love every plant received from PlantVine.

  27. Carrie Wiggins (verified owner)

  28. Meredith Bixler (verified owner)

  29. Janysha (verified owner)

    Came in great condition, it looks amazing on my windowsill !

  30. Taneesha I. (verified owner)

    LOVE !

  31. Hnia (verified owner)

  32. Mariah Myers (verified owner)

  33. Ben Lloyd (verified owner)

    Beautiful and robust! Healthy and bigger than I expected.

  34. Teresa Brewer (verified owner)

  35. Cathy Gilfillan (verified owner)

    I love these plants will order again

  36. Nancy (verified owner)

    The 2 Pothos arrived in perfect condition. I couldn’t be happier with the speed of the delivery and the careful packaging!

  37. Evelyn (verified owner)

    I’m very pleased with both plants that I ordered. There was no damage! Both arrived healthy and beautiful! I will be ordering from PlantVine again!! Thank you for a job well done!!!

  38. Adrienne H. (verified owner)

    She arrived beautiful and completely healthy with the hanging pieces carefully wrapped around the base and a bamboo stake to keep the box from collapsing. After some water and sunlight she is thriving!!! Absolutely no leave damage or dropping. Super happy with this lil baby!!

  39. Melisa A Schilling (verified owner)

  40. Anonymous (verified owner)

  41. Jordan (verified owner)

    Even with shipping delays due to covid and hurricane Isaias, my plants still arrived in excellent condition and are now thriving! Honestly, they were even larger and healthier than I expected, and I can’t wait to buy more! Thanks so much!

  42. Lynell Pruitt (verified owner)

    Healthy plant

  43. Lauren (verified owner)

    The plant was ginormous! It was so full and in perfect condition after delivery.

  44. Sherisse N. (verified owner)

    My plants came so healthy & vibrant!!

  45. Priscila M. (verified owner)

    I loved my new plant. It is healthy and beautifully.

  46. Tiffany R. (verified owner)

    I am very pleased with my new healthy & beautiful plant. Thank you.

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Why others chose this plant.

I have one, and frankly, too impatience for it to grow. This one was on sale from $58 to $35 for a large one. So why not.

My favorite

I love to add Vine that hang in my bedroom, will add it the ceiling vine I have in my room

I heard this plant is the easiest plant to take care of so i bought 3!

I wanted more greenery in my house!

Love the trailing vines.

Easy maintenance

Easy to take care of but so lush and beautiful!

The form of the plant will work well in kitchen

Needed some greenery in my newly remodeled apt, cant wait to receive my plant babies!!

I love bushy plants, they have a lot of personality

I want an easy-care vining plant for the top of a big bookshelf

I LOVE vine plants so much

Have a space not working well with ferns

Beautiful and easy to grow

I’m looking for a vine type plant to put at the top of a cabinet. Choose this because it looks pretty in the pictures and I think it will fit nicely. Hope I’m right!

This particular plant is going into a guest bedroom it will make that space friendly and keep the air filtered

I bought this to hang in my window and to help purify my home air. I love a green, leafy garden, I’ve never been into really colorful flowers.

its for my chameleon enclosure

Chameleons love them!

Wanted a leafy hanging plant

I own well and they're pretty low maintenance and grow fast

Good for an indoor hanging plant

My mother loves them

You can never have too many pothos.

basic vine plants easy care

Beginning my plant collection.

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