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Scientific Names: Duranta Repens, Duranta erecta ‘Gold Mound’

Common Names: Golden Dewdrop Duranta, Pigeonberry Bush, Skyflower

Overview: This is a tropical broadleaf plant that can grow all the way up to 15 feet if given the best conditions. The plant’s appearance makes it a must-have for your garden or hallways. This flowering plant can increase the aesthetic value of your space and grows quickly so you can propagate it into multiple smaller plants.


The Golden Dewdrop is as Versatile as it is Beautiful

Belonging to the Verbena Family, the Duranta Erecta is a flowering plant that produces beautiful purple and blue-shaped flowers. These plants can grow up to 10 feet in height and are a wonderful addition to any home. 

These plants are native to South America, Mexico, and even the Caribbean. The Gold Mound is primarily cultivated for aesthetics and is used as an ornament in different places. The natural habitat of the plant is coastal areas that are sandy and rocky. The plant is known by different names, such as Duranta Repens and even Golden Dewdrop. If you want to improve the aesthetic appeal of your space and introduce some refreshing plants, then the Gold Mound is a great choice. It can illuminate the space and give your home a great vibe. The plant can flourish with the right care; here is a guide to help you boost its growth! 

Caring for your Gold Mound Duranta 

As this is a tropical plant, it can bloom in your garden throughout the year. Not only do they produce purple and blue flowers, but they also produce yellow buds that can add a pop of color to your garden or your hallways. Here are some requirements you must follow to take good care of the Duranta Erecta. 


The best light and temperature for your Gold Mound is the warm sun. It is better if you keep the plant in full sun as that will boost its growth. However, the plant is not too fussy and will not mind a little bit of shade. But it is important to note that if you keep it in complete shade, then it may become lanky. Moreover, the plant is not tolerant to low temperatures but can thrive in hot atmospheres. 

You can keep the plant outside during summers so they get maximum sunlight but bring them inside during winters as they cannot withstand the cold. 


These plants are treated as annuals and need a rich and loamy soil mix to help them grow to their full potential. These plants can also tolerate lean soil, but the soil needs good drainage, which can significantly impact the plant’s growth. 


The Duranta plants do not need a lot of water; moderate amounts are more than enough. You can give more water if the plant grows; once it is established, it won’t need much water. A good idea for watering your plant is to ensure the first inch of the soil is dry. If it is still moist, you should wait a few days before watering it. Over-watering the plant can cause significant damage to the roots and disrupt growth. 


The Duranta plant does not need a lot of fertilizer; it can do even if you do not add any additional fertilizer to the rich soil. You can go for lean or rocky soils, but with the help of all-purpose general fertilizer, you can aid the growth and ensure that it meets its full growth potential. 

Common Issues

The Gold Mound plant suffers different problems, and it is important to take good care, so you don’t end up with a damaged plant. Let’s take a look at all the pests and diseases that may affect your Gold Mound. 


Pests such as white fly infestation can severely affect the growth of the Golden Dewdrop plant. These tiny insects can weaken the leaves, and if you want to get rid of them, you can use a mixture of dish soap and water to wash away all the insects. 


The most common disease is leaf drop, and this happens when you bring the plant indoors after the winter season. However, you shouldn’t worry much as other leaves may sprout soon. 


For the areas where winter is prevalent, you need to prune the duranta plant so that it stays within bounds. If you don’t prune it, the plant can grow into different structures and push over the other plants. To keep the golden dewdrop in shape, you should prune them in winter to boost growth in spring. 


It is possible that your Gold Mound plant is very big, and you cannot bring it into your home. This is where propagation can come in handy, and you can easily separate the roots from the softwood stems and then plant them in a rooting compound. 


These plants are a favorable option for containers. You can choose a bigger pot than the original pot, as the plant grows rather quickly. However, make sure that it has good drainage. Repot the plant using a bag of potting soil mix. 

Additional information


10a, 10b, 11a

Mature Height

2ft – 6ft


1ft – 3ft

5 reviews for Golden Dewdrop Duranta

  1. Dennis Rodenbeck (verified owner)

    Plantvine did excellent. My shipment of 100 Duranta arrived on time and as promised. Unboxing 100 plants took a few hours and I was amazed how well they were packaged with care for shipment. The plants were in great shape and actually more developed than I hoped for. Thank you Plantvine for honest commerce.

  2. Isidoro Morjaim (verified owner)

    Very professional enterprise. Staff highly knowledgeable.

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

  4. Joy Worrell (verified owner)

    Awesome plants – very nice shape with a wooden dowel to support each one. I haven’t planted them yet as it said to wait 7 days to acclimate the plants. I’ve watered them and will plant in one more day. The text messages about arrival were very nice.

  5. Bill Boening (verified owner)

    Plants were in good shape.

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