Dracaena ‘Twister’, Chinese Money Tree, Dragon Tree

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A Welcome Twist on Easy Care Beauty

The Dracaena Twister brings a spiral of rich green to your interiors. Dracaenas are tropical by nature, but adapt wonderfully to all sorts of growing conditions. They fulfill the busy gardener’s dream of a high impact, low maintenance plant. Many decorators group several different dracaena varieties together for an attention-grabbing play of color and shape.

The Twister features a pinwheel of shiny, dark green leaves that grow in an upward tuft. As the plant matures, it forms a cane-like stem topped by clusters of leaves. The Twister will grow in low light, but prefers bright indirect sun light. Keep the soil evenly moist. A once-a-week watering usually does the trick. If the plant begins to get too tall for the space you’ve placed it in, cut off the cane at any height. It will sprout a new cluster of leaves at the point you’ve pruned it.

1 review for Dracaena ‘Twister’, Chinese Money Tree, Dragon Tree

  1. John (verified owner)

    My order arrived in good shape. Plants were exactly as ordered, and they are thriving.

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