King Sago Palm CycadCycas revoluta

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Elegant Form and Tropical Texture

The King Sago Palm is actually a cycad, a palm-like plant with legendary ancestry in the plant kingdom – right back to the age of the dinosaurs. Native to Southern Japan, Cycas Revoluta is a stunning ornamental that resembles a cross between a small palm and a big fern.

This easy-care beauty has glossy, feather-looking leaves which sprout in a loose rosette around a woody trunk. It can grow to 3 feet long, but is slow growing. Its trunk forms gradually over time. It can take 20-50 years for the tree to reach its full height.

Relatively low maintenance, the King Sago has average watering needs during its growing season between April and October. Water sparingly at other times. Fond of humidity, the plant is vulnerable to cold and frost, so remember to bring indoors if you live in cooler climates. They prefer well-drained soil, and should be kept out of prolonged direct sunlight.

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8b, 9a, 9b, 10a, 10b, 11a

Sun Exposure

Partial Sun

Mature Height

3 ft – 6 ft


8 ft – 10 ft

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I have loved Sago palms for years. A local greenhouse had a huge specimen (probably 7’ in diameter) that I used to “visit” every time I went there. It was for sale - $350.00 in 2001! I couldn’t afford it but always yearned for a miracle that would let me have one just like it. Over the years I have purchased several small inexpensive sages; however, being a slow grower, I soon realized I would never be able to grow my own. 17 years later, I can now afford to buy that beauty but sadly the greenhouses closed its doors a couple of years ago. Enter plantvine. I was searching for a rat tail cactus and purchased it. It arrived very quickly, in perfect condition and is thriving. I decided to check out Sago palms from Plantvine. To my delight I found a 7 gallon beauty for about $165.00! Then they gave me an additional 10% off PLUS FREE SHIPPING! I can’t wait for my long awaited giant Sago to arrive. I am now a loyal Plantvine customer for life. Great value, quality, speedy shipping and large variety.

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