Ponkan Tangerine Citrus Tree

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Scientific Name: Citrus reticulata ‘Ponkan’

Common Names: Ponkan Tangerine, Chinese Honey Orange

Overview: The Ponkan Tangerine Tree, a citrus gem originating from China, is cherished for its sweet, juicy fruits and ornamental charm. This evergreen tree features glossy green leaves and fragrant white blossoms that fill the air with their delightful aroma. The Ponkan bears medium to large-sized fruits with thick, orange-red skin and tender, juicy flesh bursting with sweet, tangy flavor. Known for its easy-to-peel skin and seedless segments, it’s a favorite choice for snacking, juicing, and culinary uses.

Ideal for home gardens, orchards, or container cultivation, the Ponkan Tangerine Tree thrives in warm, subtropical climates and is prized for its vigorous growth and abundant harvest.

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4 reviews for Ponkan Tangerine Citrus Tree

  1. Deborah G. (verified owner)

    Seems to be thriving ❣️

  2. jason whalen (verified owner)

    Tree, arrived packaged very well and very well taken care of. very happy here, and will be ordering again!

  3. Yasmin (verified owner)

    Beautiful tree, well packaged and looks just like the picture sent by PlantVine. Very happy with my purchase.

  4. Henry Harman (verified owner)

    Tangerine tree is in ideal condition. Very satisfied with delivery.

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