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Scientific Name: Calotropis gigantea

Common Names: Giant Milkweed, Crown Flower

Overview: Calotropis gigantea is native to Southeast Asia and can reach up to 13 feet in height. Its striking appearance is characterized by waxy, pale lavender or white flowers that form in umbrella-like clusters, and thick, leathery leaves with a silvery hue.

The latex sap produced by Calotropis gigantea contains a mixture of natural chemicals, making it toxic when ingested. However, the plant also boasts various medicinal uses, including treatment of skin conditions, digestive issues, and inflammation. It is also used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine.

Calotropis gigantea’s role in ecology is notable as well; it serves as a primary food source for the caterpillars of the Plain Tiger and Common Indian Crow butterflies, which later transform into vibrant, pollinating adult butterflies.

  • Please note that these plants may be treated with insecticide so allow 2-3 weeks before purposefully introducing caterpillars.


Attract Butterflies, Bees, And Birds with this Pollinator!

The Calotropis Gigantea is native to mostly tropical regions throughout Africa and Asia. Best grown in zones 11 and 12, it prefers to have full sun and is actually highly drought tolerant, so you don’t need to worry about watering your Giant Milkweed everyday.

This shrub tends to grow up to 15 feet total if left on its own, though it can be trimmed to some smaller sizes. What makes it a great hedge for your property or the edge of your garden is more than the green leaves and stems but actually the interesting flowers that grow seasonally.

The flowers on this plant, also called a Giant Milkweed, are actually waxy and come in light purple and white colors that are very unique. In fact, they’re even used in floral arrangements in some parts of the world because of the look and the fact that they last a long time.

Some use an extract from the flowers and the leaves for their hypoglycemic effects and some use them for funeral decorations. They’ve even been used for shrines to the Lord Shiva and the fibers have been used for things like rope, nets, sewing, stuffing and more. In all, there are numerous different purposes for his plant, however it’s important to be careful around it as well.

There have been some uses that were not as mundane or healthy, such as using it as an arrow poison because it can be toxic. For others, it’s an ideal medicine, having been used in Indian folk medicine for treating asthma and even liver diseases. Some have also treated arthritis, cancer, snake bites, nausea and vomiting, among others, but there is little research on these at this point.

The Calotropis Gigantea’s leaves make a the perfect place for caterpillars to pupate on. The giant milkweed makes a great attractant for butterflies to flock to in your garden as it is considered a butterfly magnet. Butterflies such as Monarch, Queen, and Soldier Butterflies tend to use the giant milkweed as a host plant. This lovely plant is also attractive to bees and birds as well and can be a great addition to your garden to attract those much need pollinators!

Caring for your Giant Milkweed

To grow and maintain a healthy Giant Milkweed plant, there are several key factors to consider, such as proper planting location, soil conditions, watering, pruning, and pest control.


Giant Milkweed plants thrive in full sun to partial shade, but they do best when receiving at least six hours of sunlight per day. Make sure to choose a planting location that provides ample sun exposure to ensure optimal growth and flowering.


Giant Milkweed is quite adaptable when it comes to soil types. It can grow in sandy, loamy, and clay soils, as long as they are well-draining. However, it prefers a slightly sandy or loamy soil that allows for better drainage and aeration. Calotropis gigantea has a broad tolerance for soil pH levels, ranging from slightly acidic (6.0) to slightly alkaline (8.0). Ideally, aim for a neutral pH of around 6.5 to 7.5 for the best growth.


Giant Milkweed is moderately drought-tolerant once established, but it prefers consistent moisture during its active growing season. Water young plants regularly, keeping the soil evenly moist but not waterlogged. As the plant matures, you can reduce the frequency of watering, allowing the soil to dry slightly between waterings. In general, it is better to underwater than overwater Calotropis gigantea, as the plant is more susceptible to root rot in waterlogged soil.


Giant Milkweed can be propagated from seeds or stem cuttings. If using seeds, they should be soaked in warm water for 24 hours before sowing. Sow the seeds in a well-draining seed mix, covering them with a thin layer of soil. Keep the soil moist until the seeds germinate, which usually takes 2 to 3 weeks. Once the seedlings have developed a few leaves, they can be transplanted into the garden.

For stem cuttings, take a 6 to 8-inch long cutting from a healthy, mature plant, ensuring it has at least one leaf node. Remove the leaves from the bottom half of the cutting and allow it to air dry for a day to form a callus. Then, place the cutting in well-draining soil, keeping it moist until roots develop, typically in 3 to 4 weeks.

Additional information


10a, 10b, 11a, 11b

Sun Exposure

Full Sun

Mature Height

8 ft – 15 ft


4 ft – 8 ft

24 reviews for Giant Milkweed

  1. Verified Buyer (verified owner)

    My plant came in looking beautiful and very healthy and doing great till now I think I will still buy more from you

  2. Lisa (verified owner)

    Arrived VERY well packed! Plants were healthy and not stressed at all. No shock noted, I left them potted for the first week. They have noticeably grown in the week since received. Smaller than I expected, but I think that’s just me. Very happy with the health and vitality, no regrets.

  3. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    Plant looks just as pictured, big and healthy!

  4. Donald G. (verified owner)

    Arrived in perfect condition.

  5. Kathreen B. (verified owner)

    I am torn about my review. I ordered 4 plants, and the plants themselves came healthy and large. I was very excited because I had 80 caterpillars (yes 80) that were desperately running out of food and I couldn’t find any common milkweed at my local plant nurseries. I started to slowly transfer them over to the giant milkweed and found after one day they were doing well. After two days, I started losing cats – they would vomit green or have runny green diarrhea. Many stopped eating, and some of them, I could see would fall and curl and roll around on the ground, seemingly ‘in pain’ before passing. Many would slow down after eating the milkweed – literally walking at 1/5 of the normal speed. I raise my cats in a screened enclosure so they have no predators, no parasitic flies, etc. There is no pesticides used in our gardens. I lost over 50 cats that died after eating the giant milkweed, and another 10 that couldn’t successfully make their cocoon. About 15-20 made cocoons – we shall see in two weeks if they did so successfully. My normal success rate in raising cats is 90% will make cocoons and of those, 9/10 are healthy monarchs. This milkweed was purchased for the sole purchase of feeding my cats and I gave it 2 stars because the plants were seemingly healthy when they arrived, but I cannot in good conscience give more stars after this milkweed was responsible for killing my largest generation to date.

  6. Harold John Klawitter (verified owner)

    I was appreciative of Plantvine using forecast data in my area to postpone shipment. That’s a great business practice.

  7. helga skinner (verified owner)

    I loved the plant, it came with actual open blossom and three buds, but the trip was to much and they did fall off. I got good photos of the one open. the leaves have spots on them and I searched for possible little caterpillers but no. All looks good, several leaves have tears, small ones but everything so far seems ok. spots worry me. I hesitated to transplant it so its still in the same container but all wrapping is off.

  8. Suzanne M. (verified owner)

    My plant arrived fresh, happy, and in excellent condition. I am an avid Butterfly gardener and PlantVine is my go-to nursery. They really care.

  9. Susan Perry (verified owner)

    It arrived in perfect condition

  10. Holly (verified owner)

    Packed incredibly well! Arrived in great shape. Very pleased.

  11. SARAH M. (verified owner)

    Beautiful plant.
    Thank you.

  12. Suzanne (verified owner)

    I ordered 3 Giant Milkweed plants and they are thriving! I’m so happy with my order. Thanks so much!

  13. Christine Reed (verified owner)

    Beautiful! Will purchase again.

  14. Melinda (verified owner)

    I just received my giant milkweed which I purchased for my monarch caterpillars. They are now vomiting green since feeding on this plant. I can not believe I spent over $60 on a tree for my caterpillars only to kill them all.

  15. Mitchell Thomas (verified owner)

    Arrived very healthy and larger than I expected, thanks.

  16. Terrence Haley (verified owner)

    Should have been 5+ except FedEx smashed the box and pot, terrible condition. Plant needed to be reported, plant suffered shock…..seeds to be doing well now. This was no fault of PlantVine. Plant was exact Plant that was sent via photo before shipping… great service.

  17. Michael Gleason (verified owner)

    Was packaged great and nice size, but almost all the leaves were off. Hoping it puts out some new growth

  18. Justice Royston (verified owner)

    My plant was about half the size of the one pictured. However she arrived healthy and is growing already so I’m happy with my purchase for sure.

  19. Stephanie Williams (verified owner)

    Smaller than anticipated however healthy, beautiful and thriving! Also came with some monarch eggs! Very happy

  20. Susan Gardner (verified owner)

    I was very pleased with my Giant Milkweed. It is very healthy and even had a small Monarch caterpillar on it. I will order from you again.

  21. Markita Murdok (verified owner)

    It was fine, but the carrier you used damaged the box terribly. Fortunately, the plant was fine, even tho it had lost some leaves. One extra bonus it came with a monarch caterpillar already on it.

  22. Roberta Burgess (verified owner)

    Was packed very well and arrived in good shape. Even had 3 Monarch caterpillars on them!

  23. Theresa (verified owner)

    I am so impressed with the quality of the giant milkweed. It is well packaged and doing very well. I will be a returning customer. Bravo to this company!

  24. Pallavi

    How tall does it grow when mature and is the flower purple or white?

  25. Suzanne M. (verified owner)

    I love my new Giant Milkweed plants! They arrived in perfect condition and are doing very well. Thanks so much!

  26. Tammy (verified owner)

  27. Bev

    How many leaves do the plant have when I receive it?

  28. joan simmerman

    I live in central florida. zone 9 Will this plant freeze ?

  29. Karen

    Do you use pesticides when growing the Giant Milkweed shown for sale. My concern is that I want plants I purchase to be safe for Monarch larvae to eat.

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Why others chose the Giant Milkweed

I bought a pair of these last year and they were the absolute hit of my 3 butterfly gardens. This year, I had to add another . The blooms on these are simply amazing.

Raising Monarch Caterpillars.. They love this plant and it has a wonderful smell.

Medicinal purposes.

Kids wanted a milkweed plant to attract beautiful butterflies.

My family has always been into rearing monarchs and during migration season we often run into a milkweed shortage due to the massive quantity of monarchs coming though. I was ecstatic to see someone selling giant milkweed plants rather than seeds or cuttings that take months to grow. Can't wait to see how our caterpillars like it!

Butterfly gardeners!! This Giant Milkweed plant is a must for your Monarch Butterflies. You will love this plant.

Helping monarchs

My Love for Butterflies! I raise and release Monarch Butterflies

i raise monarch butterflies indoors. This plant is to be used as a food source

Great plant for Monarch butterfly gardens

Great food for Monarch butterfly larvae.