Calathea lancifolia, Rattlesnake Plant

(90 customer reviews)
Click here for care instructions. This item ships in a grower pot.
Arrives in 3 - 7 days.
Ships October 1st - October 8th.
$ 24.00

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Conjure up a Rainforest Vibe

Wavy “serpentine” shaped leaves are striped in bright and dark greens with an underside of deep purple. Native to Brazil, this tropical perennial is a colorful, low maintenance choice for Plant Newbies. You might use it to add impact to your bathroom, as it loves to be in moist, warm and semi-shady places.

If you’re thinking of planting the Rattlesnake outdoors, make sure to place in indirect sunlight and keep the soil damp. The plant can reach a height of 30”, and if conditions are right, could reward you with bright yellow-orange blooms in late Spring. Non-toxic to pets or babies, and the Rattlesnake works hard to purify indoor air.

90 reviews for Calathea lancifolia, Rattlesnake Plant

  1. Mary Watson (verified owner)

    I was so pleased to see the care that was given to protect the plants during shipment. The quality of each and every plant has been outstanding. Loved Plant Vine so much I stop using my previous plant center!

  2. Tim (verified owner)

    arrived intact and is thriving!

  3. Tania Diaz (verified owner)

  4. clayton carroll (verified owner)

    Thank you very much. Thank you for advertising exactly what you send. So many times growers will send 4″ pots with a meager rooted stick of a plant all pumped up on fertilizer. Plant Vine delivered! I received a very nice looking plant. The soil was held in place by moist heavy duty paper towel. All wrapped I have a shrink like plastic. Even upside no soil escaped. Also, the plant was very well rooted. Not quite pot bound but by end of summer maybe. The premium soil was a luscious black with time release fertilizer and drains as a premium soil should. At the big box stores your paying way too much for 4″ and 6″ pots. I’ve seen the gallon pot going for 100.00. You know like I know those plants are rushed to the market. PlantVine delivers and yes I will buy from and recommend, PlantVine again and again and again. Thank you PlantVine.

  5. Armand J Sadlier (verified owner)

    Been wanting one of these for a while. I have a rosa picta calathea too. Came beautiful & healthy, like all Plantvine orders. All these reviews, though, and no one mentions the cool trick it does in the evening where all the leaves draw up towards the center! It’s so dramatic, you can almost see them moving. they move 4-5 inches in hours. Wish I could post a before/after. Not many plants come with a floor show!

  6. Jenn Goyette (verified owner)

    OMG. I am so in love with everything I purchased. Everybody was still healthy and didn’t seem to mind the shipping. So happy and will be back for more as I grow my jungle. Thanks so much!!!

  7. Sandra Bowman (verified owner)

  8. Paula Zinn

  9. Chelsea O. (verified owner)

  10. Angelita Reyes (verified owner)

  11. June (verified owner)

  12. Anonymous (verified owner)

  13. SONYA L. (verified owner)

    Its beautiful i love it

  14. Samson (verified owner)

    Significantly smaller than I had expected but overall in great condition when it arrived.

  15. Joseph (verified owner)

    Arrived in beautiful shape!

  16. Katoria (verified owner)

  17. Tammy W. (verified owner)

    Cute little plant. Love it. Perfection once again in all aspects from plant vine. Thank you

  18. Moises Cobian (verified owner)

    It is smaller than shown in the image, but in quality it is excellent as well as the packaging is adequate

  19. Mallory (verified owner)

  20. Sara F. (verified owner)

    Love this cute lil guy

  21. Julia Daly/Ron Vedd (verified owner)

    Everything about the experience was fantastic. The plants are beautiful. The attention to packing was a 10!!! I will definitely order again. I posted on Instagram!! Thanks so much for doing such a great job.

  22. Riccardo S. (verified owner)

    Plant arrived in great condition.

  23. Vanessa Goodyear (verified owner)

    Also stunning and very healthy!!

  24. Sharon J. (verified owner)

    Very pleased with the plant! Came in great conditon.

  25. Kelby Anderson (verified owner)

  26. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Happy healthy plant

  27. Teia (verified owner)

    Arrived in great condition! It was clearly packaged with love and care which was good because the box was quite crushed (even the pot was deformed) when it arrived and I was concerned before opening it. Only one little tip was bent which is to be expected. Plant was exactly as I expected from the picture! Will definitely be ordering again.

  28. Mikala Z. (verified owner)

  29. David A. (verified owner)

    This little plant is so cool and just as striking in person as it is in photos, however many of the leaves were brown upon arrival. I noticed some movement in the soil, which made nervous about mites, so I repotted him after two weeks. He is starting to fill back out nicely and I’m excited to watch him grow. Thank you Plantvine!

  30. Jennifer (verified owner)

    Beautiful plant!! I love it! Great packaging and fast shipping.

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Why others chose the Calathea lancifolia, Rattlesnake Plant

Chameleon enclosure

purchased for our daughter who loves house plants

They're mesmerizing!

interesting colors and pet friendly

Fun bathroom plant

I love the leaves

In hopes of creating a fresh atmosphere in my low light dining room.

The spotting and the length with ripples on the leaves makes it so unique

Wanted to add new plants to my current collection

Love the rattle snake plant . Beautiful plant

Gorgeous hello

Wanted something for the bathroom.

This plant is very unique looking to me.

Saw that on YouTube and wanted.

unique design of leaves

Thrives in humidity so bought this for my bathroom.

Unique plant! Will add interesting texture to my plants

One of my favorite places to buy plants. They’re healthy, full and the packaging is perfect. Never a problem with breakage.

Pet safe, awesome leaves.

beautiful colors and pattern. Also I’m a first timer plant mom so these are beginner friendly and house plants

Bold coloring

Air purifier

Air purifier

Love the uniqueness of the leaves.

Pet friendly, low care, unique leaves

Interesting looking plant!!!

Never saw markings on the leaves like this.

Such a pretty and unique plant!

I love plants, and I wanted something that looked really different.

A classic

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joyce williams
2 years 26 days ago

This was one on the 8 plants I ordered, healthy like all of the others, I sent a note to Plant VINE asking then to please ship me good and healthy plants and I would become a good customer and all eight was perfect I was amazed. I am a good customer now will order again. They did not fail me at all.