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Scientific Name: Calathea ornata ‘Beauty Star’

Common Names: Beauty Star Calathea, Beauty Star Prayer Plant,

Overview: The ‘Beauty Star’ is a popular cultivar of Calathea ornata species that is characterized by the neon green stripes and lighter white accent stripes that radiate from the center of the pointed foliage.


Beauty is in the Name for a Reason

Calathea Beauty Star, also known as Calathea insignis, is a beautiful houseplant with striking foliage. The leaves are broad and paddle-shaped, featuring a light green background with darker green stripes and a pinkish-red tint along the edges. The undersides of the leaves are a deep purple color, making for a beautiful contrast with the green tops.

The plant is native to South America and prefers bright, indirect light, consistently moist soil, and a humid environment. Calathea Beauty Star is a great choice for adding a touch of color and vibrancy to any indoor space, appreciated by houseplant enthusiasts for its unique and eye-catching appearance.

Caring for your Calathea Beauty Star 

While the plant is very beautiful, it is important to understand that with great beauty comes great responsibility. You need to give them the right care and deal with their fussy nature for them to illuminate your space with an elegant and refreshing vibe. Let’s learn more about the care of the Calathea. 


The Beauty Star Prayer plant is fussy when it comes to light requirements. You must be very careful to ensure that you stay moderate with the light and provide enough. The best way is to place your plant in a place where it can get filtered bright but indirect light. The light should also be soft, which is very nurturing for the plant. 

If possible, try to give your plant the early morning sunlight, which will be more than enough. Or you can also give it afternoon light but try to keep the plant further away, so the light is not too harsh for the plant. 


When picking out the soil for your plants, you can go for a potting mix that is well-draining but still helps your plant remain moist. The soil should have organic nutrients and porous materials to aid soil drainage. A good recipe for the soil includes 50% potting soil with 10% granules for drainage and 20% for each orchid bark or activated charcoal. 


The idea is to keep your calatheas as moist as possible. However, you must avoid getting it completely wet. Ideally, you should water the plant once every week, and the best choice is filtered tap water at room temperature. To check whether your plant needs water, you can stick your finger in the soil; if it is completely dry, you can water it. Keep a timetable to water it adequately and at the right time. 


These plants don’t need a lot of fertilizer and can grow without one. Ideally, it is best to keep your plants fertilized than feeding them a lot of fertilizer. Or, if you want to boost the growth of the plant, then you can use a slow-release fertilizer so it can control the number of minerals it releases into the soil. The best time to fertilize your plants is summer or early spring. Avoid adding any fertilizer during the winter. 

Common Issues

Keeping a Calathea Beauty Star is very rewarding, but there are some common issues that you might face if you’re unable to take good care of the plant. Let’s take a look at these problems so you can find a solution. 


Calathea plantsare generally not very susceptible to pests. These plants require a lot of humidity, which is not a favorable environment for most pests. This is why common bugs such as aphids and mealy bugs are not harmful to Calathea. However, just like any other plant, this plant may suffer some damage such as lack of nutrition because of the pests. 


There are multiple diseases than can impact the growth and well-being of your Calathea White Star. For instance, if your plant has curling leaves then that would mean that your plant is not very comfortable in the cold. Other than that, your plant may have drooping leaves, which means that the plant does not have enough moisture. Last but not least, the leaves of your plant may also turn yellow, and that can be because you may have overwatered it. With the right care, you can get rid of these diseases easily. 


You can prune the white star prayer plant a little. These plants don’t grow too bushy, but you should remove the dead leaves. For that, you can prune the plant by simply pinching the leaves or using scissors to cut them off. 


It is important to propagate the Calathea ornata, and you can do that with the help of root division. The stems of the plant do not help with the new growth, and you will have to use the roots to support the new growth. 


The roots of the Beauty Star are not fast-growing and can be very sensitive. It is essential for the plant pot to have plenty of room to ensure that the plant grows properly. If the roots of the plant are poking out of the pot, then you will have to go for a bigger pot. Otherwise, it is not necessary. 

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    Very pretty and healthy!

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    I received a healthy, happy plant!!

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    Gorgeous plant!

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    You picked a beautiful plant. Well rooted, arrived happy and healthy. Thank you.

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    We ordered two Calathea Beauty Star plants and they are beautiful! The packaging was superb and plants were perfect right out of the box. Overall, a great experience

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    This plant is really pretty. Mines came with a lot of leaves that were bitten. I still think it’s a beautiful plant.

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    We love all three of our Plantvine plants. They are all doing great

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