Bougainvillea ‘New River’

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Scientific Name: Bougainvillea ‘New River’

Common Names: Purple Bougainvillea

Overview: Bougainvillea ‘New River’ is a hybrid variety cultivated from Bougainvillea species native to South America. It is an evergreen, climbing shrub that can reach heights of up to 10-20 feet when mature, although its size can be easily managed through regular pruning.

The standout feature of ‘New River’ is undoubtedly its striking magenta-pink bracts that surround the small, white, true flowers of the plant. These bracts are typically seen in clusters and are almost paper-like in texture, providing a dramatic display of color throughout the plant’s blooming season.

Recently Shipped Bougainvillea 'New River'


The Sharp Looking Plant that is as Versatile as it Beautiful

This tropical plant, native to South America,is a very versatile vine. It can be grown indoors in hanging baskets, pots or as bonsais, as well as topiaries or along fences’ lines or walls. It is also a low-maintenance plant as it is drought-tolerant and usually pest-free.

It is strikingly beautiful and highly sought for ornamental purposes, given its bright-colored bracts that can be found in pink, purple, white, orange, yellow, etc. The flowers are clusters of usually 3 small white ones that are surrounded by the colored bracts.

Caring for your Bougainvillea

This thorny plant prefers warm weather, but it can be grown in cooler climates without being affected by the dryness. Dry soil provides the best condition, along with frequent fertilization (monthly during spring and summer) and full sun. Excess watering can actually hinder the flourishing of the plant.

This hybrid cultivar is known for its dense growth habit, vigorous nature, and impressive adaptability. Here, we delve into a comprehensive guide on how to best care for this enchanting variety of Bougainvillea.


Like most Bougainvillea species, ‘New River’ prefers a full sun environment, requiring at least six hours of direct sunlight daily for optimal growth and blooming. It can tolerate partial shade, but this may result in fewer blooms and less vibrant color.


When it comes to soil, ‘New River’ is relatively adaptable. It prefers well-draining soil and can tolerate a wide pH range, from slightly acidic to slightly alkaline. However, poor drainage can lead to root rot, a serious concern for Bougainvilleas, so ensure your plant has sufficient drainage whether it’s planted in-ground or in a container.


Bougainvillea ‘New River’ is a drought-tolerant plant, capable of withstanding relatively dry conditions once established. The watering regimen for ‘New River’ is generally based on a “soak and dry” method, which entails watering the plant thoroughly, then allowing the soil to dry out before the next watering. Overwatering or consistently moist soil can lead to root diseases.


As for fertilizing, ‘New River’ typically doesn’t require heavy feeding. If you choose to fertilize, do so during the blooming season with a high-phosphorus, low-nitrogen fertilizer to promote blooming and healthy growth. Over-fertilizing can lead to a proliferation of foliage at the expense of blooms.


Pruning and training Bougainvillea ‘New River’ are key to maintaining its size, shape, and promoting vigorous blooming. Since Bougainvillea blooms on new growth, pruning stimulates the plant to produce more branches, leading to more flowers. Pruning should ideally be done in early spring before the onset of the blooming season.

‘New River’ responds well to training and can be shaped into various forms, including a hedge, a standard tree form, or a climbing vine over trellises or arches.

Pests and Diseases

While Bougainvillea ‘New River’ is generally resistant to pests and diseases, it can occasionally be troubled by pests such as aphids, scale, or caterpillars. If infestation occurs, it can be treated with an appropriate insecticide or insecticidal soap.

Poor drainage and overwatering are the most common causes of disease in Bougainvillea, leading to root rot. Therefore, maintaining an appropriate watering schedule and ensuring good drainage are crucial to keeping your ‘New River’ healthy.

Additional information

Sun Exposure

Full Sun

Mature Height

20 ft – 40 ft

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    Nice size, lost leaves but told they will come back!

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    easy to order came in great shape

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    ordered the extra large and I am very pleased with the size !

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    have yet to see the purple flowers but budding starting!

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    That arrived looking beautiful!

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    The Bougainvillea plant arrived safely. It looks healthy with a lot of small leave sprouts. However, it has no brackets yet and doesn’t look like anything in the above picture. I unwrapped it per your instructions, and just set it in a bigger container near the sun. I didn’t water it because it looked quite saturated already from the shipping.

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    My plant arrived right before Mother’s Day as promised! Nice and full! This was my second purchase from them. I will continue to order from them. I’m very pleased!

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    I was really excited to received my plants, and plantvine didn’t let me down, first time buying from them, and I couldn’t be more happy, both plant were received in great conditions 😊

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    Plants arrived healthy

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    Full bloom when I received and when they dropped it is not re-blooming. How long before it blooms again. Have fertilized once.

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    Beautiful plant and well packaged at a great price. Will be back for sure.

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    Great love it

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I bought these for our all throughout our home (which is also our home based business) for our front & back yard because I want beautiful & healthy, bushy and full plants that bloom very pretty flowers everywhere and spread all over quickly.

Can’t find it anywhere else, and all reviews are good

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