Begonia ‘Maurice Amey’

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Scientific Name: Begonia ‘Maurice Amey’

Common Name: Miss Mum’s Begonia, Mallet Stem Begonia

Overview: The Begonia ‘Maurice Amey’ is a spectacular variety known for its stunning foliage and vibrant blooms, a true embodiment of botanical elegance and charm. This begonia variety boasts lush, green and red leaves intricately patterned with silver speckles and deep maroon underside, creating a dazzling visual display. The foliage acts as a dramatic backdrop to the vibrant, flowers that emerge, adding a pop of color and a touch of whimsical beauty to any space. Native to the tropical and subtropical regions, ‘Maurice Amey’ brings a slice of exotic paradise into your home, thriving in moderate light and well-drained soil.

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A True Rarity of the Begonia World

This stunning cane begonia awes with iridescent silvery-burgundy leaves dotted with silver spots. The back of the leaf is just as impressive with its radiant dark red color. Like a lot of cane begonias, the clusters of pink flowers hang from the tips of the stems. It’s a fast growing, prolific begonia which branches nicely.

The name of this vibrant and vivid begonia is an apt dedication to the late Maurice Amey, a colorful former member of the American Begonia Society.

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