Beaucarnea recurvata, Ponytail Palm

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Other Common Names

Nolina Recurvata, Elephant’s Foot Palm

An Easy to Grow  Accent Palm

Also known as the Ponytail Palm, the Beaucarnea Recurvata is generally used as a houseplant, though it can also be used for landscaping in outdoor areas. It’s very particular in the zones that it thrives in, doing best in zones 10 and 11. The Ponytail Palm is native to southeastern Mexico.

This Beaucarnea Recurvata is a highly drought resistant plant that does well in full sun, growing very slowly no matter how much water or support it’s given. The Ponytail Palm is also known as “Elephant’s Foot”, due to the trunk resembling that of an elephant’s foot with a wider base and a narrowed trunk as it gets taller. The Ponytail Palm is actually not a palm at all and is considered a succulent because it’s trunk holds water.

You’ll find tufts of leaves growing off this tree with ends that may sometimes look like hair, hence the name “Ponytail”. The Ponytail Palm makes a great house or patio plant and can be kept in a container. With 10 different species out there, this tree doesn’t do well with extreme cold temperatures and must be kept brought indoor during those times. It also requires all of its roots to stay intact if you decide to replant or move it anywhere else.

Additional information


10a, 10b, 11a, 11b

Sun Exposure

Full Sun

Mature Height

6 ft – 8 ft


6 ft – 8 ft

76 reviews for Beaucarnea recurvata, Ponytail Palm

  1. blue544491 (verified owner)

    I just Received my Ponytail palm Via FedEx today.. and it Definitely didn’t disappoint me!! Got a 3 gallon that’s about 4ft tall..
    They are definitely Amazing Plans!! Can’t wait to order another one :-p

    Thanks PlantVine!!!
    Super Happy Customer!! 🙂

  2. Andrew White (verified owner)

    My plant arrive happy and hale, and a very good specimen as well.

  3. Mark M. (verified owner)

    This plant is beautiful. It arrived all wrapped up so good. Very happy with the plant and the service I was provided. I definitely recommend this company. They are awesome and I would definitely buy from them again.

  4. Beth Braverman (verified owner)

  5. Amber P. (verified owner)

    Gorgeous plant! It arrived very well packaged, & in amazing condition. It’s very healthy & not a single damaged frond. You’ve found a repeat costumer here. Thank you!

  6. Linda D. (verified owner)

    The plant is beautiful and very healthy. It was very well packaged. I am totally pleased with this company and will definitely order more plants in the future.

  7. John (verified owner)

  8. KIMBERLY (verified owner)

  9. Bobbi C. (verified owner)

  10. Melissa C. (verified owner)

    Beautiful and healthy plant. Great size for the price. Arrived in perfect shape.

  11. Cherrie J. (verified owner)

  12. Deborah Q. (verified owner)

    My beautiful palm arrived in perfect condition. The packaging was careful and thoughtful. The plant was robust with a well developed root ball. I absolutely love it!

  13. Suzanne B. (verified owner)

  14. Hai M. (verified owner)

    My plants arrived in perfect condition and healthy. They tucked a tissue around the soil area so it doesn’t spill. Thank you for doing all that.

  15. Helen (verified owner)

    Sent this and 4 other plants as a gift and recipient is delighted! Well packed and healthy. Fast delivery too!

  16. Michael Simons (verified owner)

    You will never receive any plants you order better than the plants from plantvine. I have ordered many plants from them and each one arrives better than the last. They also package each plant with amazing care
    They are my favorite plant company

  17. Joyce (verified owner)

  18. Lori (verified owner)

    Beautiful ponytail palm little tree! Great addition to our house, very healthy and makes me smile every time i see it! 💕

  19. Kay Kissinger (verified owner)

    Delivered as promised and is as promosed

  20. Jana (verified owner)

    I had never bought a plant online before, but during this time of quarantine I noticed I really needed another plant to liven up my environment . All of the local stores were closed not making that an option. So I looked for a plant that was “cat friendly” online and I found PlantVine and the Ponytail Palm. As this was my first time I didn’t know what to expect. They kept up frequent communication about the delay in delivery, as to keep their environment and staff safe they weren’t shipping as fast as normal. I completely understood this and was grateful for the communication. I didn’t know what to expect when it arrived, but it arrived in perfect condition and the plant looked beautiful and full and added so much life to my living room. I also received a follow up email after I received the plant giving detailed instructions of how to care for my new plant. I am so happy with this purchase and I will be buying other things from PlantVine in the future.

  21. Kristen (verified owner)

    Plant is much taller than anticipated for the price. Condition is outstanding.

  22. Anonymous (verified owner)

  23. Mary (verified owner)

    My family owned retail plant stores when I was growing up so I am a discerning customer. I was worried about winter shipping from Florida to Boston.

    I really couldn’t have had a better experience. The price was great and the plants were beautifully packed and happy. Just add light and water! I’ll definitely be back for more. Thank you, Plantvine!

  24. Ai G. (verified owner)

    Was bigger than I was expecting but it is perfect.

  25. Barbara L. (verified owner)

    Love this one

  26. Gabrielle (verified owner)

  27. Michelle (verified owner)

    Gorgeous. Large size meets expectations. Very healthy

  28. Niurca (verified owner)

    I’m in love!!! It’s gorgeous and so healthy!!

  29. Liz F. (verified owner)

    I ordered the medium Pony Tail Palm. I’m so happy with the size of this plant! I was expecting it to be much smaller and I was pleasantly surprised that it ended up being bigger than expected! It came perfectly packaged and in great, healthy condition. Thank you!

  30. Holly Natali (verified owner)

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Why others chose this plant.

Unique & pet friendly

Perky little plant that needs little care

It made me smile

Ought one for myself and love it. Getting one for my mom now.

Pet friendly

Liked the look and it does well in lower light

Looking for a palm, common houseplant and I wanted to put it on my end table. I needed something not too big.

gifts to loved ones

Different kind of plant excited to see it!!!

Sister’s died after 30 years and she loved it

My favorite plant - and my cat’s, too. Getting a second one now. Puts a smile on my face everyday!

It’s good in shade and safe for cats!

To place around a homemade pond.

We love you

Looking for an easy to care for indoor tree.

Looking for an easy to care for indoor tree.

Looking for an easy to care for indoor tree.

Best Company Ever! Best Plants! And Truly the best Customer Service!

pet friendly

Love the look and easy care.

Easy low maintenance

I am looking for a tropical looking plants that is easy to carre for.

Liked the way it looks

New addition to my little collection!

I have not been able to find any in store, though the price was great!

I have another plant similar to this one and I really like it.

I love this plant

I love this plant

I bought it as a sympathy gift - I loved the look and that it was easy to care for

Love palms!

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1 year 10 months ago

I had one years ago and fed it water off crushed egg shells. it went nuts and got too big for my house. loved it!!